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From the day I walked the stage and 50 days after, I blogged everyday. I blogged about my feelings, and I also wrote about what I did and what I want to do [mentally/physically/etc]. I also happened to make a trip up and down the west coast for 19 days and called the trip “#thugoeswest.”

Fifty days, whoosh. I thought it would be convenient to have links to all of them on this page in case you wanted to binge-blog-read because that’s a thing, right?  

Day 1: Wait, What?
Day 2: No water needed, just love.
Day 3: Sun Exhaustion.
Day 4: Left foot, right foot. Breathe.
Day 5: Constantly-changing Plans
Day 6: Bye Old Sunnies
Day 7: The 7th Annual Hot Tamale Day
Day 8: FEELING Lazy
Day 9: I am a badass
Day 10: Reunions are
Day 11: Backpacking and Investments
Day 12: Moving out and Battleship
Day 13: Home and Back
Day 14: Home Again
Day 15: Make A Splash
Day 16: Lectures & A Party
Day 17: Praying and Pampering
Day 18: Longer Than I Thought
Day 19: Spending Time Wisely
Day 20: Speed-reading and Brie
Day 21: Exploration Expansion
Day 22: Dumplings and a Studio Tour
Day 23: Binge-Watching and an Outing
Day 24: “I Can’t Even”
Day 25: Petrified Design
Day 26: One Week and a Coffee Quest
Day 27: Travel Expenses and Target
Day 28: More Travel Expenses
Day 29: Friday the 13th
Day 30: Coffee, Steaks, & Ice Cream
Day 31: Yukon Ho!
Day 32: Packed
(This starts #thugoeswest)
Day 33: Airplanes and Radness
Day 34: Camp Damata
Day 35: Adventure
Day 36: Beach Day!
Day 37: Brekky, Naps, and Free Day
Day 38: Sunday Funday, SoCal Edition
Day 39: Farewell (Wait I don’t want to go!)
Day 40: Twelve Hours in Transit
Day 41: Getting Over It In Seattle
Day 42: O, Pioneer [Square]!
Day 43: Hotel Home
Day 44: Reminders, Etc.
Day 45: Twenty-Five Hours in PDX
Day 46: Words About Trains & A Mountain
Day 47: Missed Opportunities and Another Plane
Day 48: Walk & Talk San Francisco
Day 49: Biking in San Francisco
Day 50: Wait, what?

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