In the sub-tabs of this page, you will find my samples for graphics work, video work, personal projects and ancient intern work. Below are a few samples from my past and current work experience, post-grad. Enjoy.

For other samples, please send a request and I’ll be happy to oblige.



At Manes & Co., I helped curate original and third-party content for both Twitter and Instagram (images above). Before publishing, I also proofread and edited content for typos and grammar. I can provide detailed examples of my top 5 Instagram posts for Cuvée Coffee with results, only by request. See Cuvée’s Instagram and Twitter.

b2b lead generation dmn3

At DMN3, I wrote blogs, social media content, eBooks, whitepapers and case studies in the subjects of: marketing, b2b, lead generation, email marketing and customer retention. Occasionally, I created infographics. Find the full article here and all blogs I authored at DMN3.


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