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So today I retired my trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs pink sunglasses that I find to be a part of my signature look. After superglueing them for the 4th time, I made a commitment to stay at the mall until I left with a new pair.

How I’m feeling today: A little nostalgic because I threw away my combat boots today. I actually threw them away…and then I retired my sunnies. Those were two things I bought at the very beginning of my college career, it seems incredibly right (?) that they would break at the very end of my college career. Nostalgia, feelings of sadness, etc. 
What I’m doing today: I woke up later but not terribly late. 10AM. Made coffee and then most of the afternoon was kind of a blur. I guess most of my afternoon was at the mall and buying gas for my car. Bye bye Marc Jacobs, hello Ted Baker.

At one point I do remember calling my mom and telling her about my most current plans. Surprisingly, this phone call did not in tears or yelling. If you didn’t know, that’s pretty rare. I haven’t told her about the driving part, but baby steps. If anything, I think I’ll just one-way to San Diego, train to San Francisco, and one-way back…or to somewhere else. It all depends on how much money I have. After I bought new sunglasses, I got more liquid eyeliner (NYX brand) and this face-mask thing. I’m REALLY into face masks right now. Came home, walked to Abel’s and had a beer with a friend. Thennnn it was taco time. As my time is slowly ending in ATX (for now), I have to eat as many tacos as I can. I went to Tacorrido and spent $12. What a splurge! For real though. I don’t think I’ll do that for a while. 
What I plan on doing tomorrow: I don’t have anything on the agenda, but things come up. 
Where I want to go: I’m waiting to see if I’ll be going to a lakehouse. I want to go on a train…so I’m researching that right now. Does anyone have any tips on that? 
What I’m reading: Information on trains, coding instructions. I didn’t get a lot of reading done today.