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I don’t usually talk about myself in third person, but it’s relevant. I can only run two miles. 

strava running mileage


Excuse my language, I’m blogging from a slight runner’s high. I have a lot of emotions (and sweat).
It’s hard to keep running in perspective.
When I run, I think to myself:

  • Where you used to be is not going to happen over night
  • You’re probably dehydrated
  • You’re probably sleep-deprived
  • It’s not going to happen over night
  • You’re running, and that’s a start
  • You have to start somewhere
  • You used to NEVER run, so that’s something too
  • It’s hot in Texas
  • Maybe you need to commit to a half-marathon
  • …Maybe not
  • You have to start somewhere
  • Keep running

And at some point, the thoughts take over and you want to start walking. So I guess for once, I feel unresolved after a run…
The real thought is: Who wants to sign up for a half? I will also be taking more suggestions for running music. If you’re interested in knowing what I’ve been listening to, check out my Spotify Playlist.