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Hi. Today is America’s birthday and I wore this.

Also, today is day 50. I’m starting the title of this post just like I did for day 1: wait, what?

Because WAIT, WHAT?

Fifty days didn’t really breeze by, but it floated by at a quicker pace. You blink and it all happens.
It = Fifty-days of post grad. Not that this is the end, not that I’m employed, but it’s the end of this challenge. Woof.
(If you want to read all of my posts, I put it all on this page. You’re welcome.)

Tomorrow, I get on a plane and by the evening, I will be home. Or at least, my parent’s house.

What’s next? I have no idea. Society (and my parents) say it’s time to get down to business and find a job. Probs.
How do I feel? Different. Some of the different I feel is unexplainable. Some of the different…I want to blog about later because it’s kind of late. But the travel jitters…I know I won’t get as much sleep as I want.
I also feel very thankful and grateful. My experience has been unlike any other. It would have been completely different had I went with someone, stayed with someone [else], stayed in a hotel, went to the east coast, etc etc etc. I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to go on this trip. I’m pretty brave, I think, to go on this trip by myself. I learned a lot. Every place I visited was unlike each other, even down to the sidewalks (I’m speaking metaphorically).

Mom and Dad & Baby Jesus
Shae, Lamar & Co.
My Aunt/Godmom
Kristy and Jeff
My brother and  cousins
Lindy, my virtual West Coast tour guide
Meagan and Bethany
Anh Vinh
Public transit, TSA, the multiple Union Stations, and multiple airports
And the West Coast for being welcoming (I GUESS)
Also, Google Maps
Also also, coffee

But seriously, I owe these people. I would have been homeless, culture-less, and hungry otherwise.

Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life -and travel- leaves marks on you. Most of the time, these marks -on your body or on your heart- are beautiful. Often, they hurt.

Anthony Bourdain really says it best.

Tomorrow #thugoeshome.



Me, Myself, and I (+Baxter)

A year ago, I got on WordPress, typed in my account information and bing, bang, boom, “Facts, Also’s, & Sidebars” was born. It was on whim but I had a direction. The blog was going to be about me. Unlike the other blogs I had made, this was more personal, more focused, and a way for me to improve my writing.

A year later and my blog isn’t famous. But that’s okay, that really wasn’t the point, I wanted this to be for me and whoever happened upon my blog. My blog isn’t famous but I feel extremely validated. I honestly did not expect anyone to read it. It sounds strange for someone to say that when the whole premise of a blog is that it’s public and anyone can read it – but after a year, people still choose to. And when anyone says something about my blog, whether it was from day 1 or last Friday, I can’t get over it. I’m truly, whole-heartedly flattered and so, so grateful. It isn’t easy when you put yourself out there. It isn’t easy when writing is a skillset that is important in the industry that you’ve chosen. Every time I start a post, I’ve gone through at least 20 drafts and I close my eyes when I press “Publish”.

There isn’t a lesson in this post and I don’t really have a story (maybe next week). I just wanted to take some time and write about how impressed I am with myself for keeping up with this blog and everyone who has taken the time to read it – I wanted to say, thanks. It’s silly to rely on another’s validation, but I’m going to admit, it feels nice.

Oh here’s a lesson: Put yourself out there. You’ll be surprised. 

With extravagant love,


Stop letting ludicrous events change our feelings about life and humanity.
It’s easy to instantly turn cynical, it’s easy to instantly turn nostalgic,
it’s easy to feel angered by the turn of tragic and life-altering news.
What is difficult is to love in the static speed of life,
and to cherish one another when we feel like there is nothing to cherish.
There is always something to be thankful for,
there is always someone who needs love and needs the reminder.

Also, read this nice blog post by one of my favorites, Seth Godin: ‘Empathy takes Effort’

If I were to document every part of my life (it’s kind of a surprise that I don’t already), you would see that my life is… a little bizarre. The subject is true; this past weekend is the second time I went to FFF Fest for free (for those Bridesmaids fans: fo’ free). The first time I attended was because of my lovely friend Hanners. She won a pair of tickets from our favorite music blogger and she ended up inviting me. It was great. It was my first time at the fest and I actually found it more enjoyable than ACL.

Sidebar: There is an increasing number of people that I have talked to who agree that ACL is stressful. I don’t know what it is, it just stresses us out.

So the second time, this past weekend, it was pretty much luck and good timing. Long story short, a gem of a lady who I call Jen-Jen graciously gave me her 3-day pass because she had too many things due the following week. She offered me her ticket you guys, even when I told her I couldn’t pay for it. What a gem, huh? I had some doubts of going because I felt guilty for taking the ticket for free and well, technically I had a few things due myself. After careful consideration and because she thought I’d put it to the best use- I accepted it.

I went by myself and I regret nothing.

Notable performances that I will probably gush about on my music blog would be: The Head and The Heart, Why?, The Octopus Project, and Explosions in the Sky (especially Explosions).

I love FFFF because it brings every type of person together in one place. You get to wear bandanas and fannypacks without judgment (often at the same time and with a mustache). Also, approaching strangers is a thing at this fest apparently (I was approached quite a few times but maybe it was because I looked cool with my bandana). The venue is smaller but so is the crowd. You don’t feel apprehensive about getting out of the mosh pit you somehow got yourself into. The sound is also a step up from ACL’s in my personal opinion. When Explosions in the Sky played their set, you heard nothing else but the rumbling and crashing of percussion and guitar strings leaving you with no regrets of post-ringing-ears syndrome.

I was nervous about going by myself but it “ain’t no thang”. You do whatever you want, you sing as loud as you want, you make others feel uncomfortable whenever you want.

I suppose I’m in good company when I have friends offering me tickets to see and experience something as incredible as Fun Fun Fun Fest. But it is a challenge to remind myself this. Being thankful and embracing what is put in front of me is difficult because doing the opposite, being pessimistic is easier. But today I choose to give thanks because what a waste if I chose the latter.

Dear Jen-Jen, you are an incredible human being. Reading my tweet and then offering me your 3-day pass- are you insane? Answer: Yes…insanely amazing. I had such great time; my mind was constantly blown by the experiences that I had, not to mention the thought of how you gave me your ticket so selflessly. Thank you for thinking of me and others always. We’re having lunch/dinner soon, Thu-sponsored! xx