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The day had not begun but I knew already: I am so blessed.
Birthdays were never something big in my family. I can actually count the number of birthday parties I’ve had in my lifetime on my two hands. And while I wished that those birthday parties were nothing short of a spectacle, I realize that birthdays shouldn’t be that way.

Well, what I mean to say is that birthdays shouldn’t be a spectacle because [here it comes], life should be a spectacle itself and life should be celebrated everyday. Another year goes by, another mark in my tree ring of age, and I am embracing what I already have and hot damn, I’ve got a lot to be thankful about. It isn’t easy though. This year’s birthday was 100% chance for rainstorms with an unforgiving schedule too. There was quite a bit of miscommunication and I became frustrated quite easily as I thought being born on this day, I was entitled to a perfect one.

But I am entitled nothing. This day doesn’t belong  just to me, and being alive is a privilege. It’s easy to forget and just as frustrating to see people live their lives forgetting this too. Thankfully, God has given me angels in the form of the closest people around me to slap me back into perspective, these angels keep me grounded. I feel like I hit the jackpot in life and the people in it. Whether they’ve come into my life to teach me or tease me, [here comes another one], they’re in my life for some kind of reason. (They’re called clichés because they’re true and relevant!)

I guess this birthday post is to thank everyone for being in my life and having their unique role in my life. Sometime I will thank each of you personally, so don’t be put off. This 2013 year [and the rest of my life], I want to love extravagantly.

Upon turning 21, I made a list of 22 things I want to do before I turn 22. Help me, suggest to me, tell me what you want to do before you turn X.

Life, 21, let’s do this.

Love your life - Jack Kerouac