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A101 (def): Tips on life taught by yours truly in hopes that maybe you can relate, share your story with me, and take something away from this. Not that I think I have some sort of God-given right to do so… I’m just hoping someone can relate and feel less alone in whatever situation they may be in. It really is a dream of mine to teach a class called “A101.” Ask Hannah.

A101 Topic #2: Do Things Alone.
Maybe it’s because I am a bit of an introvert (or more than I like to admit) or maybe the chance of enjoying things done by yourself is so high it’s scary. It scared me, at first anyway. But now I take solace in going to the grocery store by myself and it’s not only because grocery stores are my pseudo-sanctuary. I then started to go shopping by myself at the mall and it’s a different kind of fun. I love my friends and family. I would go shopping with them in a flash to help them choose a dress/button-up or see how things fit but there is a peace in the time spent alone.

I understand though, it’s nice to go with a person to things. But just once, do something you’d do with a friend, but do it alone. A few weeks ago I went to the movies for the first time by myself and I have to tell you: it was weird. Granted, there was only two other people there but they were an older couple and I don’t know, I felt weird. But here’s the thing: that’s normal! Feel weird but just embrace it. It’s a lot easier that way. And you’ll thank yourself later…I think. -shrug- Who am I to know and tell?

Here’s what I’ve gathered:
– Going on bike rides with friends is fun. Go by yourself too, it’s freeing.
– Going to an exercise class with friends is motivating. Go by yourself, you don’t know anyone so there is none of that “judgment cloud” hovering over you…or is that just me?
– Going to a concert with friends is fun, but is it more fun than going alone? I think it depends but I always tell people to go to a show by themselves at least once, it’s different for sure. I’ve got a couple of stories about it.

Here are some things I need to/want to do alone but haven’t yet:
– Eat at a fancy restaurant alone (I’ve eaten at WF alone plenty, it’s a wonderful place for people watching)
– Go to an exercise class by myself, whoops, I feel like there’s a judgment cloud either way
– I’m sure you’ve seen this video, but if you haven’t click here

Have you done something alone and have a observation about it? Let’s talk.