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Bloc Party // Dec 2012

[You can replace Bloc Party with X being a variable for any artist you listen to.]

There is something about going to a live concert that is otherworldly. It’s possible that the music is loud enough where your “vocals” won’t shatter other people’s ear drums or bother neighbors. It could be because the vibrations of the instruments rumble so loud that it drowns out any thought or stress you had before the show. These theories are my own though, I don’t know if it’s the same, but I think that is what is so great. Concerts and music festivals are a different experience for everyone.

There are the people who have waited __ years/weeks/month to see this band and they are finally at the venue, anxiously waiting for their heroes to come on. The particular artist that has helped them through a tough time or helped them celebrate something or somehow identified with how their feeling at an exact moment in their life.
There are the people who have never heard the band at all and it’s a musical exploration.  It’s always really nice when you go to a random show where you don’t have any expectations and then you get your mind blown. Then you go home and research them, watch their live videos, and perhaps download their albums…and gush about them to everyone you know.

I’ve experienced both of these cases and I have serious withdrawals after the shows. I go into a music binge- listening to every song they played at the show and listening to the songs I wished they played. I look up videos and try to relive it, look at pictures, and discuss with the friends I went with about how amazing they are.

Most of my December was Bloc Party (I went on to watching this among several other videos). And more recently, I went to a show that reminded me of Bombay Bicycle Club, Vampire Weekend, and Tokyo Police Club so I’ve been revisiting those three. What kind of music withdrawals are you having?