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This day started off unlike any other: I became friends with four soccer moms from Wisconsin. I guess football/soccer really does bring people together. As we cheered for the USA, Pam, Jan, Becky, and Karen chit chatted about things such as: the word “turnt,” Urban Dictionary, and a bit about me. Also, it should be noted Tito’s Vodka research group- moms like Tito’s. You heard it here first.

After stuffing myself with yet another continental breakfast (it’s pretty damn good btw), I moseyed upstairs to think about where I wanted to go today. All pointed to –> Pioneer Square. Historic, chocolate, Smith Tower. Also…a lot of cyclists were down there.


View from the Smith Tower and the China Room (or something)


From Upper Left and Clockwise: Way to Intrigue Chocolate, Caffe Umbria, Grand Central Bakery (?), and London Place

I went to my first chocolate/truffle tasting today. Because Seattle is concentrated (maybe), some stores are between other stores. I’m not very good at explaining it, but I had to use some logic and observation to find some places. There are Starbucks on every corner, it’s saturated with Starbucks…as Whataburger is in Texas I guess.

Something that I’ve realized and utilized a lot is Spotify/iTunes. Going back and forth on the rail, there’s a lot of time being passed, and music helps pass that time (sort of). I listen to my ‘Offline’ tunes and the select tunes I have in my ‘Music’ folder. Public transit is amazing, but the commute of 2 hours (this is for there and back)…it’s kind of exhausting. It’s so out of my control and I just have to let it happen. I’m a Type-A, plan-y person if you couldn’t tell. This trip has definitely put me out of my comfort zone. Way, way out of my comfort zone. Can I go back to Santee? They have a comfy couch there. (Something about growth and post-grad trips and reflection.)

Here’s a random note: I totally witnessed a dad getting his stash of Miller Lite beers from behind the hotel couch. This group proceeded to have a drinking party in the lobby, and it was totally okay. They were all soccer moms and dads. That’s food for thought, no? I sat there for a good 8 minutes trying to process what had happened. Another dad took his bag of cherries out of the hotel urn.

Other short notes: I hate the treadmill. I’ve been over-caffeinating myself, I’ve had like 4 cups of coffee today. Sometimes coffee people are snobby (Caffe Umbria), but sometimes they can be nice (Storyville Coffee)! Just more food for thought.