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This story starts way before “selfie” became a “song.” Today it’s about me taking selfies with a specific person: Megan.

Megz, Mexibear, Meg, Megan. Our friendship started when we created “The Office” Club at school, shared our love for Harry Potter, tacos, our ethnicities, and many things in between.

Now I’m not sure when I started this, but after I did, it became a “tradition.” Yes, if you look below, I’ve made a collage of selfies I’ve taken with Megan every time we’ve gone out together (I think). Ladies and gentleman, she is what some people call a “ride or die” girl. Or, she’s my ride-or-die girl anyway. (Now that I’m thinking about it, what does “ride or die” even mean?)


House parties, regular parties, bars, restaurants, etc., she’s the girl I’ll probably be with 90% of the time. Anytime we’ve been out together, I would make her take a selfie with me. I think I’m probably missing a handful of them but you get the point. Bless her for going with me to numerous events. I’m gonna say it: Megan, you’ve been a huge influence on me and my time in college- in the best worst way. With my “Senior Stories” series, I knew I had to include you and our selfies.

(I hate saying selfies.)

Whether you’re in college, out of college, or working- I know you probably have a friend like this in your life. They’re down to go get a beer with your after they get off work, go to a lame-ass party, or a company-sponsored one (those are the best). THANK THEM. Because there’s probably a time where they didn’t really want to go, but they went anyway…because they love you.

I couldn’t have done senior year correct if she wasn’t in my life. Dolla dolla beers, yo.
*Cue nostalgic music.* Senior year.