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Where do I begin? P. Terry’s is underrated.

While some people may have switched over to In-N-Out, I will stay loyal to the local choice. I think it’s a dang good burger with locally-sourced veg!! When I was studying for classes in undergrad and wanted fast-food, P. Terry’s was my top choice. It still is my top choice. Maine Root Beer on tap? Yes please! Have you had Maine Root Beer on tap from P. Terry’s? It’s what Tom Haverford describes as “super water.”

p terry's burger stand

This is my phone background, I’m not kidding.

In short: 100% pure beef, never frozen. Cage-free eggs. Local. Yumness. They even make their own salsa.

Their chicken burger is a nice alternative if you’re craving something like a burger, but not. Is that just me? P. Terry’s, your color schemes are also on point.

I will never forget the time I convinced my friend Hannah that we should drive from Balmorhea to Austin, so that we could have dinner at P. Terry’s. It was out of the way, but it was worth it. I inhaled that cheeseburger, got a refill of Maine Root Beer, and savored the fries. Hannah thought it was worth it too. She had the veggie burg, which I read is made fresh too!

I hope you guys stay in Austin forever, but sometimes I wish you delivered to Houston. You guys win the burger game.

This is my ode and love letter to P. Terry’s.