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Credit: Getty Photo

Yes, last night I sat on the couch for 5 hours, ate guacamole, and watched the entire opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympics. I watched England’s history be portrayed by their volunteers. I watched athletes walking as they represented their nations with pride (and rooted for the US). My heart stopped when JK Rowling made an appearance and I laughed too hard when I saw the fat corgis. As I’m reading live tweets and live status updates, everyone has said that Beijing is the one to beat, no one can beat Beijing and 2008. Granted, I don’t think I sat through the whole 2008 opening ceremony but I thought London rocked theirs. Chills and tears.

Here were highlights in my opinion; I don’t know how you could get through without feeling a little bit emotional:
1. The different choirs at the beginning from different schools around GB singing
2. JK freaking ROWLING
3. When the blind and deaf kids sang/signed the national anthem of the UK
4. The nations walk and seeing how excited everyone is (especially the Independent Olympic Athletes)
5. When the Queen announced the official beginning of the games (flash back to Dumbledore and Tri-Wizard tournament anyone?)
6. The torch running/passing/running/lighting – I was in complete awe from the moment the kids lit the leaves to the formation of the cauldron.
7. “Hey Jude” with the repeated bridge of “na na na na na na na na na na hey Jude…”

Unity. It’s what you saw throughout the whole ceremony. I love how much the Olympics bring the world together. I agree and wish that it was like this all of the time. Face it World, the reality is that we are connected to each other. Why can’t we always have this feeling of camaraderie?

Sidebar: How awesome were the Olympic torches? They are always so cool!