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The fall of my freshman year, by spontaneity and peer pressure, I purchased these combat boots. I paid what was due at Nordstrom Rack and I never looked back. Three weeks ago, I zipped my boot up for the last time.

After 4 years, 8 semesters of college, my trusty combat boots broke (the zipper specifically speaking). They’ve been everywhere, or…well, a lot of places. Pearl St. of Boulder, CO, Mt. Bonnell of Austin, TX, the pedal clips of my bike, the pavement of many streets, the floors of concerts and parties- this could go on and on. These shoes have really taken a beating, I’m surprised they lasted this long (I may or may not have gotten some upchuck on it at one point).

Looking back, these leather babies were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as a freshman in college (…I didn’t get my bike until my sophomore year).

Maybe this is turning a new leaf, but I’m severely attached to these boots, they’re still on my shelf. Is it weird that a part of me wants to put it in a glass case to commemorate and preserve the sentiment they hold? Yeah, okay it’s weird. But it’s like those first pair of Chucks you get, which by the way, my mother threw away. Or it’s like your first power blazer that landed you that job…I’m still looking by the way. Whatever it is, it holds a visual representation of a part of your life. I feel like that constitutes some sort of glass case, right?

I’m getting WAY too sappy about a pair of boots, but this is my blog and I do what I want. This is an ode to my combat boots. They kept me grounded through a lot of my college experiences, both literally and metaphorically. Do you have something like that from your college time? Or any sentimental time?

-shrug- Senior year and three more days until graduation.