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And I know I am not alone.

You know who you are. We frantically tweet about new album announcements. We’ve done the “listened to ____ but they’re not really my thing” or “I’ve heard of them but never listened to their music” to people. Or worse, we’ve “Oh, I’ve seen that already…like a week ago…like a year ago…like 25 seconds ago.” Take your pick, we’ve done it and I’m a pretty bad offender of all of the above.

I’m going to defend myself in saying I write my own music blog (shameless plug-in here). I do it for fun though. I think it’ll be a nice way to look back at May 2011 and see what I was listening to at the time [like a yearbook]. In no way do I think I’m good or even mediocre at it, but I try. With trying, I made a music twitter that solely followed music artists, record labels, music magazines, blogs, etc. In my other blog post, I told you that I read a lot including tweets. I’ve been pretty bad about it as of late but when I go through the newsfeed, if it’s a tweet by an artist, I’m going to read it. Because you and I both know that sometimes artists and music labels release information on Twitter faster than they do via e-mail. Now the natural thing that I do is tell everyone. New album announcement? I will tell. Who’s on tour? I will know (most likely). Am I going to ACL? Abso-fruitly.

But I want to stop knowing. I want to stop being such a snob to my friends and people around me. I love music. I love discovering it and I love sharing it. You know, I started listening to Lykke Li last year but she made an album in 2008 and I vividly remember my friend Sadia suggesting I listen to her somewhere around 2009/2010. Did I listen? Nope. I raised my nose up high and I forgot. And now I love Lykke Li. I loved watching her perform at Fun Fun Fun Fest last fall and I wish Sadia was there with me because she introduced me to her. This is just one of many examples.

Music is for everyone. And the best thing about music is that there is no expiration date. It starts and that’s it. There is no end. There will be phases but when that phase ends, you will find another genre to encompass yourself in. Now there are one-hit-wonders that get overplayed by the radio but here’s my suggestion: don’t listen to the radio. Read about music. Ask each other. Do music-swaps. You just might find your Lykke Li. And friends, please call me out when I’m being a dill.