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This is my last night, and all day I’ve been hearing, “shut up,” because we don’t like to talk about it.

My time in this little paradise has come to an end. Apparently camp does bring this sense of nostalgia and deep gap/hole you feel that you miss from your heart. How does one do this year in and year out? I’m glad my camp experience is limited to this rounded, perfect place. They have cinni’s here. And the most rad people. “Rad” is something SoCal people have infected me with (thanks y’all).


Yeah, La Jolla is perfect. We went here today to watch the seals flail around in the “children’s pool.” Those beachy waves whooshing back and forth. If only they took my worries and stress with them. We also went to Mt. Soledad because they very close to each other. It’s an iconic place if you’re involved with/in Invisible Children. Today, I essentially felt like a roadie. Today was my farewell day/dinner. It was the best and it has been the best. As much as I feel compelled to brush my teeth and sit in bed, I am making myself crank out this sappy, mushy post. There are so many words I can say about today and this whole week (have you been reading my blog or following me on Twitter?). It’s just been one of those weeks. Another week for the books. I’m only half way through the year and I feel like my book has been filled with the best. I’m truly, truly blessed. Every day has not been perfect this year, but oh boy, it could be worse. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (but maybe some cinni’s).

Tomorrow, I head off to my next adventure. Tomorrow, I leave such a great group of people. There’s something that’s heart-warming and heart-wrenching: it’s going to be hard to leave this, and isn’t that just something?