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As I sit at my desk, reading this school book that tells me how I should be looking for a job, it makes me think. Here are my thoughts:

Since the semester has started, there is a running joke that I have with one of my classmates. Almost every week (Wednesday’s usually), our professor takes the time to tell us how bleak our futures might be in the job search. I love our professor, she’s cool, and the advice coming from her is from experience yada yada yada. BUT I’M SCARED. How do I get a job? I haven’t even looked for a spring internship yet… I’m supposed to what and what about networking? Wait, we’re in college but we’re not going to learn about personal finance?

Here’s the joke: she and I always leave class with more anxiety than when we came in. It’s not much of a joke than it is a fact though. As I sit here reading this school book, I’m reading this particular chapter covering “Interviewing.” Do you know what I feel like the worst question is? Even far worse than the “weaknesses” question because it’s not even a question:

It’s a daunting statement, or is that just me? I don’t know who I am, that’s why I thought I would go to college (and my parents made me). And when I got to college, it made me even more confused and they don’t even want to know who you are, really (they = interviewer). I hear it’s something about being concise and relevant and there’s some sort of right answer to the question/statement. But what is it? I can’t ever get it right.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, maybe I will ask my professor about how I should answer. The anxiety is already setting in.