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Yes, I just said PTL (Praise the Lord). Or typed it, it’s fine. Because if you’ve been to NOLA, you know exactly what I mean.
ESPECIALLY if you’ve attended Jazz Fest. It was an experience.

So if you’ve gathered…I’ve recently road-tripped to New Orleans, LA for the first time (post- age-21).
And when I say first time…a lot comes with it:

  • First time I practiced the [lovely] ‘Open Container’ Rule
  • First time in Garden District
  • First time walking down Magazine St. So many porch vibes, and I’m so into it.
    magazine st nola
  • First time I saw a pig in a bar
  • First time at The Saint
  • First time at Jazz Fest
    jazz fest gospel tent
  • First time participating at the Gospel Tent^
  • First time at Juan’s Flying Burrito.
    juan's flying burrito
  • First time at District Donuts. The line “out the door” is actually inside the building. BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT. Great coffee as well!

You get it. I absolutely loved my time in New Orleans. And I didn’t think I would. The house we stayed at was antique, industrial and beautiful. The people are lovely and so friendly. I could say more positive things about NOLA, but then you would hate me.
…Apparently, I only saw the “trendy, hip NOLA,” and not the “dirty, touristy NOLA.” I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but I guess that means I have to go back. ALl of these feels toward NOLA makes me think, I wonder if this is what people think of when they come to Austin or Houston. I hope so.