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Well, I just signed myself up for two internships and a Spanish 3 course…summer has officially started?

It really has been a relaxing summer though. For the past 3 weeks, all I’ve done is eat, nap, read, and cruise around on my bike. I’ve gone back home, I’ve gone to a wedding, and I’ve celebrated the best friend holiday. Now I’m back in Austin gearing myself up (mentally and physically) for what I am imagining to be one of the hardest summers of my college career.

If anyone has advice on how to juggle two internships, please feel free and comment away. If you would like to give me mental support, it’s greatly appreciated. I think I’ll survive. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


This is my desktop as a reminder

Special note about one of my internships: I will be managing social media for a wonderful non-profit organization called Texas 4000 for Cancer. Basically: UT students ride 4,000+ miles from Austin to Alaska…on their bicycles, to raise money for cancer research. Cool, right? This year marks their 10th year, it’s pretty special.
Please check out the website, read some of the stories (they will make you weep), donate, share our story. Our riders leave June 1st and I am proud to call some of those riders my friends.

If you’re interested in supporting us, join the Atlas ride on June 1st. Ride with them, volunteer, or join us at the finish line to celebrate their first day of riding. Also, follow us on Twitter. All this shameless plugging… sorry not sorry.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t know what to do with her life. She searched, read (a lot), and took classes so that maybe something would spark. Society led her under the notion that when you know, you know. Kind of like marriage… or something. Way back when, she thought she was going to own a candy shop and be a pharmacist. At the time, it seemed to fit together. Then, it was somewhere in the medical field, there was just no other way.

Then she entered college. And then she took Chemistry II and all of a sudden, medicine went out the window. Fortunately, she fell in love with something else entirely: communications. Yada yada yada, she’s still on the search but she thinks she’s on the right path.

Psst. That girl is me. Why am I telling you this story? I don’t know, I wanted to, and I can. It’s all true though, I thought I wanted to do one thing and when I got to college, doors seem to simultaneously open and close for me. While I could stil see myself in medicine and I still find it fascinating, I feel like my talents lie somewhere else.

I think when I started this post though, I meant to say that going along the communications, more specifically, advertising route is not easy. I’m in the #1 advertising program in the U.S. with hella talented peers, not to mention my cousin who has taken this route already and is killing it in NYC. Self-conscious is an understatement to how I feel. I applied to a lot internships this last semester, I would get a handful of interviews, and then get rejected…to all of them. Except one (hence the title).

And that’s all you need. It’s that one that gets you through the door and color me cliché but maybe I was rejected from all of the other ones so that I could find a great one.

Hi, my name is Thu and I’m interning for Austin Restaurant Week. I’ve started work already and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Y’all know I love food, I love Austin, I can’t explain how perfect this internship is for me. I’ll be a contributor on the ARW blog so look out for those posts too. I’ll take suggestions, recommendations, the ARW blog is a community. Share the love**.

**Love = food

Also, did I mention I get bike to work? The ultimate dream. It feels like a marathon biking back [uphill] but it’s worth it [for the most part].