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I’m not trying to be dramatic or anything but I was really scared to go to Comm Career Fair…and I thought I might die.

(A Sidenote though: our generation is way dramatic, are we not?)

We were required to go for class and this actually wasn’t my first go-round…and I was still scared. I’m not a resume-pusher, I’m not good at sales-pitching, I tend to story vomit because I’m hoping by showing my potential employer my knowledge- they’ll want to hire me, or something along those lines.

Here is what I can tell you:
– It’s nerve-racking and it’s okay. Who the heck goes into a career fair just beaming with confidence and excitement? (If you are that person, please send me a message right away and tell me your secrets.)
– They took my resumes! They took my resumes! If you ask about what kinds of positions are open relating to your major- the recruiter will ask for your resume. I don’t think I did this last time.
– So ask them about what positions are open. What do they look for in an intern and what advice they can give you when applying. This kind of goes under the big umbrella of “Doing your research.” That’s something they really push on us but it’s true. Don’t just go up to a booth- at the end of the conversation you may hate it resulting in wasted time on both ends.
– I think if you really have interest in what the company is about, they can feel it and they feed off of that. That is spoken from experience yesterday.
– Don’t try and compare yourself to your peers. Waste. of. time.

Now that Career Fair has passed and I have all the information I need, it’s time to apply…barf. Does anyone have tips on applying?

One of my favorite authors. Everyone should read his book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?”