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Yeah, I put Leslie Knope into the title of my blog post, because I can do whatever the hell I want.

…also, every year, I aspire to be her in the gift-giving realm. Not just for Christmas, but for birthdays, made-up holidays and everything in between. If you’ve mentioned something, if I’ve found something online when I’m in a searching black hole – you bet your ass that I’ve written it down on some Post-In note or flimsy piece of paper.

Granted, I’ve lost some of those papers and notes, BUT, I have some. (What are sentences? I may be writing this blog post after drinking. So what? Who cares? I’m gonna edit most of my spelling and grammar errors the following morning today.)

ANYHOW, I have quite a bit of Post-It notes, papers and links. Here’s how you can kill it at Christmas Chrismukkah this year.

Leslie-Knope-Esque Gift Ideas:

  1. For the person who loves homes and Texas: Fucking Cacti Coasters. But not just any coasters, the cacti leaves ARE YOUR COASTERS. …The link…I realize is from a UK-based site. I think they’re pretty cool.
  2. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer or Carry-On Cocktail Kit – for your traveling friends. The ones who are always jet-setting…or going to places for work. It’s an easy way to organize stuffs. It would even work for someone you know who keeps losing their shit, literally. Now they have a grid to keep it all together. If they lose the grid, well…whoops. Cocktail Kit looks bougie and nice for your cocktail-enthusiasts…or serious travel-drinkers.
  3. A subscription to InkDrop. It’s a subscription service (yeah, I know) that delivers ink and pens every so often. Who wants to go to Target and/or order from Amazon? NO ONE. If you know someone who still uses pens (everyone), this is a pretty great thing. It’s $10/month! Although…now that I think about it, if they’re a pen snob – opt out. I repeat, opt out.
  4. A cook book. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve, but I’m afraid whoever is reading this will find out and then the surprise will be ruined. I think a great resource is NPR’s Book Concierge. They have other suggestions other than cook books. But if you know someone who loves to cook or wants to dabble in it, this may be the push they need. It’s timeless.
  5. Five packs of La Croix – this is more a personal request more than anything. Those things are expensive! (Or can add up at least…). Also, go to Target because they have a wider range of flavors. Honestly, I would be thrilled if someone gifted me a pack of La Croix and a pound of good bacon.
  6. Make something. You can always make something. A personalized scarf (I don’t know where I’m going here), a coffee mug with your face on it (Justin Timerlake/Jimmy Fallon style), a detailed, watercolor self-portrait. I’ve always wanted to gift one of my friends a tapestry of my face. Get creative and be weird. Listening to a ‘Dear Hank & John’ podcast, John Green gifted his mom a shoebox. Hold on. It was a shoebox that contained little notes of all the things that made his mom great. That’s pretty dang sweet. Etsy can be your best friend.
  7. Adele’s ’25’ album. I already have it, and it felt like Christmas when someone gave it to me. Who’s going to go out and buy it themselves? OBVIOUSLY many, if you’ve been reading Billboard…or talked to anyone. But CDs are “outdated” or something. Buying something that someone is hesitant to buy for themselves is a pretty good rule of thumb. Or practical things. Is that too adult? I’m rambling. I’m just saying, you can’t go wrong with Adele. The person probably doesn’t have it, but secretly wants it.

If all else fails and you have no idea: get an Anthropologie candle and a Lush bath bomb and call it a holiday.

Maybe I like to act like Maya Rudolph who acts like Oprah in this clip.

Not really, but really. I know it’s only a few days before Christmas but I wanted to make a list of my favorite things this year/the moment I came up with doing this post.
Also: My birthday is in a couple of weeks so…. there’s that.

This is just a silly post so I can pretend that I’m Oprah for a bit. A chance to get to know me a little more and maybe one of my favorite things will inspire you to share with your loved one this holiday/birthday/anniversary! Let me know if you ever need brainstorming help for gifts, I love gift-giving and gift-storming (brainstorming + gifts).

So here we go. These are a few of my favorite things (I always think of this song when I think “favorite things”):

1. Books. I’m lame but one of my hopes for the future is that I will have a full-fledged library with books I’ve read. I do have a Kindle but I like the feel of books. My wish? Combo package: Book + ebook. Here are some books that are on my list:

2. Bike Lights/Bike accessories. You can never have enough lights and ‘knog’ are the favorites at the moment. I own a front light and back light but if you’re more illuminated, your chances of getting hit slim down…right? I encourage all cyclists to get at least 1 set because it’s illegal to ride without them and I can’t imagine riding around otherwise.

3. Dough Blender/Cooking Utensils. A dough blender is used to cut the fat in butter to make pie crusts and other pastry goods (I think, life’s a learning process). Because I don’t have a food processor to do this, dough blender is my budget-friendly alternative. For the food lover or the pastry maker in your life: a dough blender, a Silpat mat, a good rolling pin, or cute apron would make a great gift!

4. Love Does. This is another book but I thought it deserves a number of its own. I have this book already but I wish I had a case of them so that I could give them to everyone I know and love. It is one of my favorite books, hands down. Written ever so gracefully by Bob Goff with a foreword by Don Miller, author of books Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles In A Thousand Years. So many feelings, y’all. So good. If anyone has read this, let me know, let’s talk.

5. Candles from Anthropologie. Because have you been inside of an Anthropologie store? It smells like fresh heaven beauty but boy are they expensive! This is love in a jar.

Honorable-Mention Favorites/ Favorites of All Time:
* Food. Food. What’s that? Food. You know what they say…a way to a person’s heart is food. That’s just what I heard.

Lastly: Spend time. That is one of my most favorite things and one of our most valuable things we can give away (refer back to my older blog post about time).