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Me, Myself, and I (+Baxter)

A year ago, I got on WordPress, typed in my account information and bing, bang, boom, “Facts, Also’s, & Sidebars” was born. It was on whim but I had a direction. The blog was going to be about me. Unlike the other blogs I had made, this was more personal, more focused, and a way for me to improve my writing.

A year later and my blog isn’t famous. But that’s okay, that really wasn’t the point, I wanted this to be for me and whoever happened upon my blog. My blog isn’t famous but I feel extremely validated. I honestly did not expect anyone to read it. It sounds strange for someone to say that when the whole premise of a blog is that it’s public and anyone can read it – but after a year, people still choose to. And when anyone says something about my blog, whether it was from day 1 or last Friday, I can’t get over it. I’m truly, whole-heartedly flattered and so, so grateful. It isn’t easy when you put yourself out there. It isn’t easy when writing is a skillset that is important in the industry that you’ve chosen. Every time I start a post, I’ve gone through at least 20 drafts and I close my eyes when I press “Publish”.

There isn’t a lesson in this post and I don’t really have a story (maybe next week). I just wanted to take some time and write about how impressed I am with myself for keeping up with this blog and everyone who has taken the time to read it – I wanted to say, thanks. It’s silly to rely on another’s validation, but I’m going to admit, it feels nice.

Oh here’s a lesson: Put yourself out there. You’ll be surprised. 

With extravagant love,