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After a month of debate [with my brain], several hair photos, and peer pressure – I cut my hair. 8 inches of it

And y’all, my hair is was long. Look here:


shameless photobooth photo, hi

But Tuesday afternoon, I got chopped. Here’s a plug: I went to the Aveda Institute and I loved my person! I’m not sponsored by them or anything but if you’re looking for an affordable haircut *cough* students *cough*, go here. If you’re a person who is attached to your hairstylist… maybe don’t go here? I don’t know, I didn’t care, I trusted Natalie and she was wonderful. Here it is (sort of):

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.14.02 AM

this is not a drill

Anyway, I got 8 inches cut off and when I was telling my friends, they all asked me the same thing: how do you feel? As if I just got broken up with and they were afraid I was going into a downward spiral of depression. (I kid, but you know what I mean.)

Yes, haircuts are a little emotional. For some, tears may appear and for others, it-ain’t-no-thing. I was somewhere in between. My hair has always grown fast, so after really embracing this fact (sidebar: the heat was getting to me), I just did it. It was spontaneous, but calculated. Haircuts are a little emotional…but it’s just hair…and hair grows back.

Perhaps I did all of this because I’m rolling into my final year of university and I needed a new change. BLAH, how cliche am I? But what are cliches if they aren’t totally true? I needed this change and here’s a fun fact: getting a haircut is the cheapest way to get a new wardrobe. Everything looks different when you get a new ‘do. Or at least in my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

For anyone who hasn’t done the deal, just do it. (Okay, don’t do it, because I know some girls who are very attached to their hair and would mentally cry for 6 months until it grows back and I don’t want to be responsible for that BUT…consider it.)