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This has become a recurring theme that I couldn’t put in words but this graphic does it perfectly.

College, post-college, post-post-college. It happens. I used to be somewhat offended. I didn’t understand why people couldn’t hang out with me but had no problem hanging out with someone else. Taking it personally doesn’t help either, it only frustrates me and causes resentment. I finally figured it out. We’re not busy, we just have different priorities. Whether it’s with school, family, friends, events- we have a list that we categorize depending on our own priority standards.

We are not busy. We are given time and we choose to designate it to X or Y or Z. “I’m superrrrr busy,” is an excuse.

Here’s my thing: If I don’t think I can handle it, I try not to put it on my already-full-plate. I can’t do it all and that’s fine. I’ll save it for another day when I know I’m free.

Stop agreeing to do things that you know you’ll never actually do. It doesn’t help anyone. To a certain extent, it’s a social norm to be granted a ‘free pass’ when you don’t do something for someone that you said you were going to do. People notice when you don’t follow through, though, especially if it’s above 50% of the time.

-The Buried Life