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Sunsets on Gili Air Island are a game changer.
Tide pools on Gili Air Island are a game changer.
Snorkeling? Not so much. I almost died (I wrote a little bit about it in my Bali post).

BUT THE BEACH. Holy hell, the beach is one in a million. This one wins. Not only is the beach beautiful and clear, the island we were on gave us our little piece of island/swim area. Maybe 10 people total were beaching, and it was glorious. We didn’t do much except read, sun, and swim. You can see your feet in that water, it’s awesome. I would recommend wearing some sort of water sandal (I wore my chacos), unless you want to get gnarly exfoliation from the coral/rocks/etc. #nofilter, seriously.
gili air island IMG_0931

Fun Fact: Did you know there are 3 different Gili islands? I didn’t. I was not informed, nor did I look it up. Negligent, much? Maybe…but I think my mistake was a blessing in disguise. Gili T, the most popular island of the three was bumpin’…and I was not feeling it. Maybe Gili T is amazing, I didn’t spend too much time there, but it’s definitely “the party island.”

ProTips for Gili Island:

  1. Don’t forget that there are 3 islands, and make sure you know which island you booked your stay on. This is speaking from experience.
  2. Take a speedboat there because it will only take you 1-1.5 hours. Or did you want to take the 6-8 hours slow boat ride?
  3. If you get motion sickness, take Dramamine.
  4. Yeah, people will try and sell you ‘shrooms, so…watch yourselves.
  5. Don’t go snorkeling on a boat here, you might drown like I almost did. Unless someone recommended the tour to you, the boat crew might overload their boat’s maximum capacity.