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But I’m not the only one. (See what I did there?)

I’m probably more of a dreamer than most. Sometimes I make decisions irrationally based on feelings rather than a process. These decisions are my spontaneous ones like “what are you doing right now, let’s get coffee'” decisions. If you’ve been reading my blog, I’m all about the feelings and I’m working on acting upon those feelings. Going for it and taking a chance on big risks– that’s who I hope to become. Most times though, my brain kicks in and has to think logistics. At the beginning of the day I may be a dreamer, but there’s a logical-me that comes out intuitively. Seth Godin calls this  the “lizard brain” (or the resistance**).
“The voice in the back of your head telling us to back off, go slow, compromise.”**

If I am a dreamer, then I’m lucky and blessed to have a friend who keeps me grounded. But I want to be a dreamer because I know not everyone feels this way and I hope by being one, others will want to dream with me too. I came across this article that talks about the ‘Top Five Regrets of the Dying’. It doesn’t talk about dreaming necessarily but I think it’s something I want to keep in mind when I go about my week. Often it’s easy to be so consumed by what I have to do next, what paper is due next, what final is up next, and I forget to breathe. Often I have to think logistics but that may not be the key ingredient to success. Society and environment has definitely changed the way we defined this but I am deciding to go against the grain.

I want to measure my success by happiness, remembering to take in the earth and breathe. I want others to remember that I told them that I love them and they are my refreshing joy. And I don’t want to just tell people my dreams, I want to show them (this nugget of wisdom is thanks to Beks).

The thing I remember about successful people I’ve met is they just love what they’re doing and they love it in front of others.
– Mr. Fred Rogers (Acceptance Speech, 1997)

from one of my favorite authors/illustrators: Dallas Clayton

from one of my favorite authors/illustrators: Dallas Clayton