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 A101 (def): Tips on life taught by yours truly in hopes that maybe you can relate, share your story with me, and take something away from this. Not that I think I have some sort of God-given right to do so… I’m just hoping someone can relate and feel less alone in whatever situation they may be in. It really is a dream of mine to teach a class called “A101.” Ask Hannah.

A101 Topic #1: Go for it.
I don’t know how I get myself into things sometimes. It could be intrinsic force or incentive or plain stupidity- whatever it is and it could be a combination of all 3, I go for things that I feel immediate remorse right afterward. I tend to ask myself, “Should I really do X?” I do think about it, don’t get me wrong. I weigh pro’s and con’s, I ask for opinions on lots of occasions but in the end…I go for it. And I think that sometimes that’s what I have to do.

Like right now, I didn’t think I was ever going to share my “A101” idea with anyone aside from Hannah and a handful of others I so insistently told needed this “class” of mine…but I’m just going for it.

Here are some other situations but not limited to:

  • Answering a Twitter post and getting to work with Warby Parker 
  • Making a YouTube video asking for donations to raise money for Invisible Children and in exchange cutting 6” of my hair
  • Getting in front of people I didn’t know, talking about IC, and asking for donations afterward
  • Applying to a lot of things that were random from Facebook posts like Railroad Revival Tour, Austin Restaurant Week, and others. Got rejected but I tried!
  • Telling someone I didn’t know that I like their bicycle frame on campus
  • Putting aside my pride and asking faculty for help around campus. I got confused with SZB and GSB buildings
  • Going on a bike ride with my brother when he’s in town, hating myself because it was physically challenging, but in the end knew it was worth it

Here’s the thing: Put yourself out there. Go for it. In the times you regret it, you’ll forget it, but the times they pay off? From experience, you will remember it forever