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Welcome to Texas Thuesday where I write a love letter to one of my favorite local places to eat, drink, and be merry.


I remember the first time I heard about Counter Cafe. It was included in this austin book that I received from Caroline. She included notes and tips to which places she had been to already (i.e. las manitas avenue cafe “yum-o mexi-breakfast”). This was a time when my Austin Restaurant IQ was pretty low, but growing slowly.

I will never forget my first visit. I pulled up and thought, “Wait, that’s it?” Not because I was underwhelmed, but it’s hard to miss if you don’t know what to look for. It’s the size of a hallway. I quickly learned to take Counter Cafe seriously because despite its size, it packs a lot of punch.

Here’s the important part: my favorite item has to be breakfast tacos…or biscuits and gravy…or a plate of bacon. Okay, so I don’t have 1 favorite item, but you would understand if you’ve been here. It saddens me to hear the latest news about the upcoming lease, BUT they’re preparing to move to the East side! And that’s something that I’m not opposing, I’m quite taken by that side of the city.


There’s just something about that Lamar space, and especially that beautiful woodgrain counter. Whatever their fate might be, I’m glad it still ends with a seat at their counter (original location or otherwise).

If you’re into cool [brother] chefs, nice staff, and breakfast tacos- this is a place to visit.
If you’re not- I don’t think we can be friends (maybe, we’ll talk about it).

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