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It’s fun coming with blog titles because they’re pretty informal. You know what titles I don’t like coming up with? Subject titles for professional emails. Oddly, one of my senior classes assigned us reading on how to send an email properly. It failed to help me on the subject-title front. Maybe it comes with experience…

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This morning and afternoon has been quite exciting on my Twitter (@thutexas BTW). Not only did my favorite coffee brand follow me on Twitter, their cold brew counterpart, and the CEO too (Hi, hello, I love your coffee and laugh with your Tweets). With the brief conversation held on Twitter, it inspired me to make it an official goal to visit local coffee shops (as if I wouldn’t…) during my travels. BUT as a part of my travels, I want to devote a whole post to them.

And another idea: Like I devoted a whole post to Petrified Design, I also want to share with everyone where I think you can find the best vanilla iced lattes, candles, and tacos in our favorite place in Texas (the world)- Austin, TX. I came to the coffee quest realization because I just like making public commitments- for some reason, they keep me accountable. It’s most likely because I wouldn’t be able to stand defeat, even though I have accepted defeat publicly before.

And I came to this local sharing realization because I just realized (wait, rly?) that you can ask me where to get the best pizza and coffee in Austin, but ask me where to get anything in Houston- I have zero answers for you (Maybe one: Central Market). For the amount of time I’ve grown up in this city, I never had a chance at discovering Houston. And while you may think that this makes it the perfect time for me to do so, I don’t plan on staying in Houston for long. (Knock on wood)

So coffee friends, going along the west coast going north- where should I go for coffee? This is what I have on my radar:

  1. Coffee & Tea Collective in San Diego, CA
  2. All of these places in this NYT article
  3. Stumptown if I make it up there?

Your turn.

P.S. Just so you know, my favorite coffee beans reign from Austin, TX: Cuvée Coffee. Go educate yourself. I’ll do them justice when I can go to their next cupping/tasting. Just know for now that they kill at social media.