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As I looked out my window… I thought, “Shit. Let’s not start a blog like this.

…yet here we are.

I started writing this in San Diego, but I’m making minor edits here at home. The last time I was in San Diego, I documented all of my days. This time, not so much. There was no project and no agenda. Earlier last week, Lamar asked me, “Do you have anything on your list that you want to do while you’re here?” I told him, “No, there was only one thing: to get out of Texas. And I’m out of Texas…that’s about it.

It was great. One that almost made me miss my flight on purpose…but I actually almost missed my flight. It always feels like I’m an extension to the family, but with bonuses. I couldn’t ask for more, and if I did – shame on me. I’m really #thublessed. If I had to speak about today one day: well, I was able to wake up whenever (but hella early because WHAT GIVES, Daylight Savings). I was able to work a little, research where we should go for lunch, pop in a boutique store, get cultured by Old Town San Diego and peruse. No agenda, no project, no rush. Everything kind of fell into place. There was no grand adventure. It was nice. We ate dinner together, watched a movie and then all went to bed early. That’s what vacation is, right?

I posted a status that said something about me never leaving. But alas, I woke up, got dressed and boarded my flight. After trips, I get introspective. Sometimes it’s surface level, and sometimes it’s abstract. So, without further ado, some thoughts. This is mostly for me to remember later down the road, and an ode to Camp Damata 2.0…here it goes.

Minor Observations [and Lessons] from Camp:

  • I texted my parent-friends the most on this trip. Ironically, not my [REAL] parents – but I missed them too.
  • Parents are rock stars, truly.
  • I can’t imagine if I had 3 other siblings. It’s too much work with just 1 sib RN, TBH.
  • High schoolers are weird. But this gen is kind of next level weird. I’m not saying I wasn’t weird in high school. I guess I’m saying that high school is a weird time…
  • Pigment is a cool ass store in North Park.
  • I really love Texas, but I don’t look I’m from there. Note to Self: get more Texas-flag-themed shirts.
  • California – San Diego – you’re very different than Texas. From sunshine tax to mountains & beaches in the backyard, you’re different. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over driving, seeing mountains in the distance and being in a constant state of awe.
  • ALSO, you don’t know how to deal with rain, but neither do we…
  • I look young, y’all. Even to Youths. *hair flip*
  • Halloween here is REAL. I mean, it’s real everywhere, but we made a photobooth backdrop. #2legit2quit
  • A Halloween-candy-eating-marathon is something that I succumbed to because of its accessibility. It was everywhere. I had M&M’s coming out of my jacket pocket. What’s self control?
  • Who knows how to unclog a toilet? Shae. Not me.
  • Apparently, the next Camp Damata is the Vegas edition…you can sign up with me, CAROLINE and HANNAH.
  • Hauling your ass to your airplane gate 7 minutes before it leaves is not as easy as Home Alone [sorta] makes it look. TSA is unforgiving, always.
  • OH. PS. EVERYONE. Never fly Spirit Airlines. It’s never worth it.

When you’re at Camp Damata, you better be in for the ride. And even if it’s brief, you feel everything.


This is my last night, and all day I’ve been hearing, “shut up,” because we don’t like to talk about it.

My time in this little paradise has come to an end. Apparently camp does bring this sense of nostalgia and deep gap/hole you feel that you miss from your heart. How does one do this year in and year out? I’m glad my camp experience is limited to this rounded, perfect place. They have cinni’s here. And the most rad people. “Rad” is something SoCal people have infected me with (thanks y’all).


Yeah, La Jolla is perfect. We went here today to watch the seals flail around in the “children’s pool.” Those beachy waves whooshing back and forth. If only they took my worries and stress with them. We also went to Mt. Soledad because they very close to each other. It’s an iconic place if you’re involved with/in Invisible Children. Today, I essentially felt like a roadie. Today was my farewell day/dinner. It was the best and it has been the best. As much as I feel compelled to brush my teeth and sit in bed, I am making myself crank out this sappy, mushy post. There are so many words I can say about today and this whole week (have you been reading my blog or following me on Twitter?). It’s just been one of those weeks. Another week for the books. I’m only half way through the year and I feel like my book has been filled with the best. I’m truly, truly blessed. Every day has not been perfect this year, but oh boy, it could be worse. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (but maybe some cinni’s).

Tomorrow, I head off to my next adventure. Tomorrow, I leave such a great group of people. There’s something that’s heart-warming and heart-wrenching: it’s going to be hard to leave this, and isn’t that just something?

Should I list the things I did today via a list? Those are fun (and just lazy blogging).

  1. Church
  2. Home
  3. Lazing and watching Bar Rescue
  4. Hamburgers + Pool Time + Family Time + USA v. Portugal World Cup Time (Meow.)
  5. Home
  6. Run 2.7 miles (while I thought about how on earth I ran 13.1 miles 4 months ago)*
  7. Home

If you didn’t read my post about Sundays a couple of weeks ago, you should. Sundays are really up to your own interpretation, but ultimately it’s a day of rest and spending time with your people.

*Vacation running is hard, y’all. It’s a whole new environment. It’s exciting because it’s new and different. And it can be scary if you’re not properly prepared. Vacation running is also eye-opening because running in said “new environment” gives you perspective on things you routinely do and spins it around a bit. Running for me had been so routine. I woke up, ran to Town Lake, and I would run back. I knew the route, I knew my obstacles (and I knew where all of the water fountains were). It gets pretty passive after a while. Then I come to a new place and everything has to be reconfigured. I have to be more alert and aware. While running, I imagined myself creating a new life here and I’m like, “everything would have to be reconfigured. Hmm, ok.”

Yes, I parallel running with my life (as a whole) a lot because our lives are just a bunch of analogies and parallels. While this thought is kind of a “duh” moment: theorizing about a new life in your home-base is very different when you’re experiencing it firsthand.

Does this mean I don’t ever want to leave Texas? No, anything is up for grabs. I’ve learned this the hard way. But does it give me more perspective than when I would sit at home and think about a life here on the west coast? Yes, absolutely.

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT PERSPECTIVE. Maybe my blog will just be about perspective. Here’s a thing: perspective is in constant flux.

Every time something comes to a close, I do some hard thinking. This is my nature. Camp is all fun and games until you realize, “Wait…it’s almost over.”

Today’s agenda in Camp Damata features: Dino chicken nuggets, french fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, and the Lego movie.

There’s actually a lot more that happened in between…and also nothing. It’s the perfect camp. I attempted to go on a run, heavy emphasis on attempt. The first leg of my “route” was like Enfield on steroids. Then there were just hills peppered throughout the neighborhood because the neighborhood is atop a mountain. It’s totally fine. The bright side of this treacherous struggle is that in San Diego, they have 61 degree mornings.


That had to be a statement on its own because if you’re from Texas, you know that it’s not even a possibility at this time of month. Something would have to be seriously crazy (e.g. pigs flying) for there to be a 61 degree morning. Granted, we’ve had some pretty weird weather this year…but yeah, I like you San Diego weather, I like you a lot.

thutexas hill

Hill, I don’t like you.

I should probably mention that I’ve never actually been to summer camp, which is partially why we’ve got this Camp Damata theme going on. Tomorrow’s Camp itinerary features adventure. Stick around for pictures, it’s gonna get wild y’all.

Note to self: try to score some post cards to send home. That’s what kids do at camp, right? The most ideal of camp situations would be for my person to be here with me. To go on adventures and to enjoy this weather…but “life is not a wish-granting factory.” And I can’t complain nor can I ask for more. I’ve been far too blessed. #blessed

Oh! A part of today’s Camp itinerary was also the farmers market! I love going to the farmers market, because I love seeing what’s in season and also…cookies. YES, I went to the farmers market and I bought cookies. They looked delicious and I thought to myself, “what other sugars can I put in my body aside from the massive amount of candy and soda I’ve already had?”

thutexas santee market

This is camp…or at least Camp Damata. Tomorrow, adventure and I’m very excited. Have y’all been following my tweets? Because y’all should (@thutexas). They’re my real time “blogging” thoughts. Twitter is just convenient like that. Then, at the end I collect my thoughts and regurgitate and flush out my day onto here.

Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. la la la la this song will be stuck in my head for the next 24 hours.