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Did you know that there are hills in San Francisco? Today I biked some of them.

Now, they weren’t the massive ones you hear about with the 90-degree incline…but they took some work. It really made me miss my bike (mostly bc I could have dodged pedestrians more easily with my bike). It also made me more appreciative of my bike, even though I know the second I come up a hill with Newman, I’ll start screaming profanities.

thugoeswest bike

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We rented bikes from Sports Basement (which is a massive store with some pretty cool camping gear).
Biked to the Golden Gate Bridge (there’s a hill on the bike route…more than one actually).
Biked across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Biked a portion of downhill that felt very roller-coaster-esque (it was scary as F).
Biked through Sausalito (that place is beautiful!).
Biked to a sammie shop and ate in the grass.
Biked back (after we took the ferry).
We biked along the with water on one side, wind in the hair, helmets on, and optimism.

That optimism seem to go missing the more we biked. NO ONE TOLD ME WE WERE BIKING THIS MUCH, with the amount of hills. But then again, if I was told…I might have opted out. So no regrets! You only live once or something…
Distance: ~10 miles. Had lunch somewhere in between there. Took a ferry somewhere in between there.

Since the  Palace of Fine Arts was close by, we made a stop. Did you know people take wedding photos here? (Go look at my thumbnail). I would take all of the photos here. It was beautiful and reminded me a lot of Balboa Park in San Diego.

I’m actually exhausted and I don’t know how I’m still typing, it’s shocking really. Tomorrow is day 50. WHAT. Tomorrow is also America’s birthday. Red, white, blue, zzzzzzzzzzz (that’s me sleeping because did I tell you I’m exhausted?) Tomorrow is my last full day here in the Bay and I’m just wiped. Maybe I just need a good sleep.


She’s finally taller than me!