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First I want to say thank you for sticking around for Part 2- this is where it gets interesting.

On our way to South Mineral Campgrounds, we went into this sweet town called Silverton. “What a way to live,” I thought to myself, “it’s like, oh hey, look at those humongous mountains from my backyard.” I’m from the Texas suburbs and in our backyard, we see our neighbor’s yard, not the Rocky Mountains. And when we get to our campsite and finish setting up, we go for a hike…to go find waterfalls. It was a bizarre experience. The gradual change in altitude, crossing of creeks, ascending into the mountains until you hear that familiar sound of rushing water. But it’s not coming from your bathtub or sink or pool; it’s flowing out and crashing into the bottom of the creek naturally, not man-made. Something you’d see while you’re flipping through your options for Desktop Wallpapers.

I was here a week ago. And yes, I thought of TLC’s “Waterfalls” during my time here. You know what was so delicious after we hiked? Ramen noodles. The hot broth soothed my soul and so did the chai tea my brother made. We slept under the stars, between mountains, and possibly among bears (it was bear country after all…). Oh, and in 45 degree weather (Did I mention that it’s August?). This campground is beautiful and it is actually well known for being right next to the trail head that leads to the Ice Lake Basin (Google it, you’ll want to come). The next day we woke up early again, stuffed in another hike to more waterfalls, and then headed on our way to our next destination: Estes Park, CO & Boulder, CO.

My only picture of the cabin with my web cam..

Estes Park and the cabin we stayed in (hosted by my wonderful friend) was pretty special. Clear skies meant a guarantee sea of stars. Many people that I admire have made their way to that cabin and I was pretty honored that I was able to spend some time there too. From there, it was only 45 mins to Boulder, CO which was our day-trip the next day.

Pearl St

And this is finally where Austin comes in. The city, not a person. I live in Austin, TX and I love this place to pieces. The food, the culture, the possibilities, the food- I love Austin. When we entered Boulder slowly but surely that place captured my heart too. I heard that this place was like our great city but I didn’t know in what way. Infinite bike lanes, beautiful Pearl St, constant cyclists passing through, tons of coffee shops, multiple bike shops, beautiful parks, a pretty great Whole Foods- at times, I’d have to remind myself I wasn’t in Austin but the similarities were almost uncanny. Boulder, I love you but when we were driving our way home and I saw that iconic Austin skyline, tears almost streamed down my face. It wasn’t just the exhaustion and delirium that came from 17 hour continuous driving from Colorado to Texas either, I think it was genuine love.

I didn’t know what to expect out of this road trip so I tried to prepare for everything. I’m that kind of girl, but even then, I felt like I encountered things I didn’t know would come. You can’t prepare for a road trip like you prepare for a test. I realized that as we drove along. I end this post with my last little spurts of thoughts and tips:

  1. Know you can’t do everything so embrace wherever you are at that moment. I reflect and I realize there were times I didn’t do this. It’s difficult but at least know that.
  2. Songs from Flight of the Conchords are like secret, mental energy bars. They kept us awake and entertained us while driving through the mountains.
  3. Try to journal at least 1 sentence at the end of your day or whenever you’re free and think of something. You don’t need a journal, write it on a post-it if you want, just write it down!
  4. Don’t watch videos about how to respond to bear attacks at midnight- it doesn’t relieve your stress, it just makes you more paranoid. Watch them during the daytime.
  5. Be thankful if you get to go on a road trip.
  6. Don’t be afraid, just go.