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Hold on to the edge of your seats, but if you read the title, it’s possible that you’ve already stopped reading. If you’re still in this, thank you. I really do mean it, even if you’ve heard me say ‘thank you’ a zillion times.

Segue into gratitude- I want to put this out there now and forever: Thank you. The support that I’ve been blessed with is unfathomable. When I first published my Open Letter, my feelings would be something along the lines of “a mess.” I was a mess because there were all of these people who wanted to help me, wanted to share my story, wanted to feel hope with me. At one point, I started tearing up in class (sry profs I was still totally paying attention).

The expectation I had before I posted that Open Letter was pretty much zero. I am still a bit of mess, not only because I’m in my 20’s, but because I still do not know where I stand.

Here are the [rough] statistics of my “Be Remarkable” campaign thus far:

  • 3,500+ Views to my blog post
  • 2,000+ Unique Visitors
  • 100+ FB Likes
  • 37 FB shares from my link
  • 30 upvotes on Pixar’s sub-Reddit
  • 28 Pixar Marketing Professionals that I looked up on LinkedIn
  • 25+ Sincere, endearing FB comments
  • 10 industry professionals; 4 who have/had some sort of connection to Pixar
  • 9 Tweets to industry professionals and Pixar employees
  • 5 FB messages from people I hadn’t talked to/haven’t talked to
  • 1 WordPress Reblog
  • X Retweets and/or Favorites*
  • X FB shares from links that linked my link (people I didn’t even know shared my link!)
  • Infinity support and gratitude

And as I mentioned in the title: Nothing yet. As a soon-to-be graduating senior**, this is scary. At this point, I just want to know if I even remotely have a chance (and I shared this with some of the Pixar recruiters I emailed).

Do I move on?
Can I move on?
Should I move on?

*X = a variable; not sure how many
**anyone who goes for their dream, really