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Before this day is over and I fail to blog again, I’m going to crank out this blog right on the cusp of ‘hangry’…here we go!

Today is kind of a momentous day. I bought a backpacking bag (as per my thumbnail and I’ll repost it below).
It’s for my upcoming trip and everything is quickly becoming real. I’m planning on booking my flight tomorrow after I tell my parents (Ha!). What a big investment, have you looked at the backpack I got? Soooo many pockets. There’s a thing that’s called a brain that’s a part of my backpack. So here are my questions:

  • Tips on packing light?
  • Tips on budgeting?
  • And will you pray for me?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve already come up with a hashtag for my trip, it will be revealed later when I actually leave. I keep telling everyone (and myself), it’s not real until I get on that plane…but throwing down some $$$ for a backpack makes it a touch more real. There’s no going back. I have to go. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!

Tomorrow I move out of my apartment that I’ve lived in for the better part of my undergrad career. Woah.

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