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I’m not going to ACL this year and it’s weird. I’ve gone every year since I was a freshman (it became a tradition for me) and I actually have opportunity to go. I mean, it’s two weekends, it’s arguably “bigger”, and I actually get paid at my job. So why am I not going?

Two weekends + arguably bigger = stresses me out. I don’t know why, probably an internal thing, but when ACL was one weekend, it already stressed me out. I think I got really anxious and that just drove me nuts. It’s my own fault really, but I digress.

So in my absence of not going, I thought I would share some things that I learned through my ACL experiences. By all means, add a comment below if I’m missing anything!

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ACL Fest 2013 Tips:

  1. Don’t stress. I don’t know why I did, but if you’re a person like me, go get a drink.
  2. On that note, stay HYDRATED. Shows, walking around, and being outside for 12 hours a day- you don’t want to end up at the medic tent, keep yourself hydrated, bring a water bottle. (Over-21’s: double-fist beer and water!)
  3. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT IT SHOULD BE #1: If you can get on a bike, bike to ACL. You’ll save yourself from the stress (#1) when you see the nightmare of traffic you’ll run into right around Lamar & Barton Springs. It’s faster, there’s designated bike parking, you’ll thank yourself later. And it’s fun!
    Bike rules: Safety in numbers, be well-lit, don’t be an idiot.
  4. If you are one of those people (I was), make a flag. If not, the Texas Tower with the ACL schedule is a good alternative. Everyone else meets there.
  5. Expect that you’re not going to see everyone you want to see and you might see people you’ve never heard of [and love them]. I think that’s what stressed (#1) me out. It’s going to be OK. I learned this three ACL’s too late.
  6. Bring extra toilet paper/paper towel sheets/sanitizer. You never know when you’re going to need it and you can’t really trust porta-potties to be stocked with toilet paper by Day 2.
  7. Try to get as much free stuff as you can. It’s mostly marketing but if you’re going to get a bandana with your face printed on it? Yeah, I’m going to sign my e-mail (and then delete it later).  I also shamelessly took 3 Sweet Leaf Tea chapsticks, so… just do it.