This year, I’m focusing on improvement. Meaning…I’m going to start running consistently again. AND, I’ve combined my unfinished ‘Doing 22 by Age 22‘ and ‘Doing 23 by Age 23‘ lists to make my ‘Doing 24 by Age 24.’

  1. Plan and throw a themed party.
  2. Find a Texas flag wind breaker.
  3. Dance around a bonfire with my friends.
  4. Travel to a state I’ve never been to.
  5. Attend to the Texas/OU game.
  6. Go to the spa.
  7. Volunteer more.
  8. Make a print.
  9. Go on an actual brewery tour. (Happening soon and will be blogging about soon!)
  10. Give a floral print accent to an article of clothing.
  11. Find a memory box.
  12. Research and buy a good receiver for my turntable.
  13. Go to a pilates class.
  14. Do an exercise-related challenge, everyday for a month.
  15. Take my parents to dinner and pick up the tab.
  16. Thank God more often.
    -New ones-
  17. Plan a trip with my cousins.
  18. Plan a trip back to Sandy Eggo.
  19. Sign up for a marathon (preferably a full marathon) before I turn 25.
  20. Print a book of my best 2014 Instagrams.
  21. Make a stamp for Thu, TX.
  22. Get a tattoo.
  23. Write a blog post at least twice a month.
  24. Find community in the place that I live.
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.57.21 PM


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