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Here are 23 things I want to do before I turn 23:

  1. Accept a full-time offer.
  2. Try to make bread.
  3. Run a half marathon.
  4. Travel to a state I’ve never been to.
  5. Attend to the Texas/OU game.
  6. Go to the spa.
  7. Get a tattoo.
  8. Volunteer more.
  9. Learn to code.
  10. Make a print.
  11. Go to an actual brewery tour.
  12. Make international travel plans.
  13. Take better care of my bicycle.
  14. Give a floral print accent to an article of clothing.
  15. Find a gold [memory] box.
  16. Research and buy a good receiver for my turntable.
  17. Go to a pilates class.
  18. Fill a journal.
  19. Buy coffee for the person behind me.
  20. Do an exercise-related challenge everyday for a month.
  21. Make the best macaroni and cheese. Debatable, but I tried!
  22. Take my parents to dinner and pick up the tab.
  23. Attend a daily mass.
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