puzzle thu texasIf you look at my previous year, I did a shit job at completing things off my list. But I did a ton of stuff! It was just off the cuff. More on that on some post I’ll probably write on my birthday. This year, the list gets a little longer and I’m worried if the probability decreases. Nonetheless, I think it’s great thing to have a list of things you want to do/complete/wish/dream every year. Keep things in perspective. Maybe I should have a theme…no, now I’m rambling. Cheers to 24!

  1. Read all of Bill Gates ‘Best Books of 2015
    1. Eradication by Nancy Leys Stepan
    2. Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe
    3. Sustainable Materials with Both Eyes Open by Julian Allowed and Johnathan Cullen
    4. Mindset by Carol Dweck
    5. Being Nixon by Evan Thomas
    6. The Road to Character by David Brooks
  2. Learn more about Texas
  3. Go to a winery ( before 26)
  4. Send a card to someone, once a month
  5. Write one sentence, everyday
  6. Find a low-impact exercise that I like doing
  7. Go to a pilates class
  8. Practice hand-lettering with chalk more
  9. Do a “Difficult” Puzzle, whatever that means
  10. Collect wooden games or classic games for rainy days
  11. Watch a movie that I should have watched 10 years ago (Like LOTR or Star Wars or Rocky…etc.)
  12. Hone my grammar skills
  13. Learn to let it go when I see grammatical errors
  14. Add 4 more vinyls to my collection
  15. Go to a small concert
  16. Eat the best taco (and I need to figure out parameters for this)
  17. Eat at a new BBQ place
  18. Splurge on one thing for my kitchen
  19. Learn how investments work, or something
  20. If able, pay more on my monthly car payments
  21. Go to some event of some sort (could be knitting or woodworking, w/e)
  22. Find new glasses, to keep things in a 20/20 perspective (ha!)
  23. Make an Iron-On shirt
  24. Speak up
  25. Say Thank You
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