After a month of debate [with my brain], several hair photos, and peer pressure – I cut my hair. 8 inches of it

And y’all, my hair is was long. Look here:


shameless photobooth photo, hi

But Tuesday afternoon, I got chopped. Here’s a plug: I went to the Aveda Institute and I loved my person! I’m not sponsored by them or anything but if you’re looking for an affordable haircut *cough* students *cough*, go here. If you’re a person who is attached to your hairstylist… maybe don’t go here? I don’t know, I didn’t care, I trusted Natalie and she was wonderful. Here it is (sort of):

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.14.02 AM

this is not a drill

Anyway, I got 8 inches cut off and when I was telling my friends, they all asked me the same thing: how do you feel? As if I just got broken up with and they were afraid I was going into a downward spiral of depression. (I kid, but you know what I mean.)

Yes, haircuts are a little emotional. For some, tears may appear and for others, it-ain’t-no-thing. I was somewhere in between. My hair has always grown fast, so after really embracing this fact (sidebar: the heat was getting to me), I just did it. It was spontaneous, but calculated. Haircuts are a little emotional…but it’s just hair…and hair grows back.

Perhaps I did all of this because I’m rolling into my final year of university and I needed a new change. BLAH, how cliche am I? But what are cliches if they aren’t totally true? I needed this change and here’s a fun fact: getting a haircut is the cheapest way to get a new wardrobe. Everything looks different when you get a new ‘do. Or at least in my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

For anyone who hasn’t done the deal, just do it. (Okay, don’t do it, because I know some girls who are very attached to their hair and would mentally cry for 6 months until it grows back and I don’t want to be responsible for that BUT…consider it.)

[Disclaimer: I actually wrote this with pen-and-paper] 

This is also known as “fear of missing out” syndrome. Continuing with the theme that “knowledge is power” and my unrelenting habit to know all things…

here's me on my phone, photo credit goes to Sadia

here’s me on my phone, photo credit goes to Sadia

FOMO syndrome. At least that’s what Mashable calls it. Here’s the article. It’s funny and sad how much I can identify with the statistics. I am definitely guilty for looking at my phone right before bed and turning to it first thing in the morning. BUT I’m trying to cut back, I really do feel that it hinders a good-night-sleep. Today’s post is actually a transfer from paper to digital because last night I was challenged to a night of “no Internet”. And sure, it’s easy when you’re out doing something…but I didn’t have any plans. It was just me in my apartment, and I already painted my nails. It’s weird to say that I felt lucky that I was interning this morning and that meant an early night. Isn’t it also weird for me to think that it’s weird that I had to have a brainstorming session to come up with what to do for the rest of my night?
Here’s what I came up with (it took me a good 30 minutes):

Read, write (obviously), draw/doodle, find new word of the day, clean, organize, dance, sing, singing & dancing to vinyls, work out, shower, bake, write a poem, think, try to write a poem, think of what to wear tomorrow, paint toenails, throw away frivolous paper/food, clean bike, come up with my own quote and a plan to coin it, look the orchid in my room very closely, ride my bike (too hot…), make cocktail w/things in my house, see what could catch fire (but I shouldn’t), try to fill the last page of my Moleskine with something important, look up random words in the dictionary, think of names for other people’s kids, count coins, fold paper, try to find black construction paper…DO SOMETHING

And that was the end of my pen-and-paper…I ended up listening to my vinyls, baking, taking more-than-enough trips to the grocery store, and delivering my baked goods to some goofballs. I survived and I didn’t miss out on anything. That’s the thing: the Internet and it’s information (or whatever you’re going to call it) is always going to be there, I can always scroll through my FB newsfeed. But I can’t go back to intangible moments. Those moments are fleeting. This isn’t goodbye to blogging and social media, it never is. I just need to opt-out from time to time and to stop looking at my phone to start/end my day.

You are only truly missing out when you are not wealthy in moments.

Also here’s a shameless plug: if you have time and like to read about 3D printing, please read this blog post I wrote for the company I blog for here. I got some jokes in there too, so thank you in advance for reading it!

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Explosions in the Sky’s ‘First Breath After Coma‘, it will all make sense in a minute (or two). I love Texas. There are buckets of reasons why I can’t leave this place. The first being Central Market scones, the second being tacos (my family somewhere between those two). Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing this post, I am definitely devoting a whole post to reasons why I can’t leave Texas.

This post is devoted to an age-old tradition that I don’t see people doing much of anymore: road trips. Or maybe my head is in the clouds and people actually take road trips all of the time and I’m just not aware. Whatever the case my be, the road is calling me, I must pick it up, and go.

So this August, Hannah and I are going on a “Texas Forever Tour” (with hashtag included below):


We love Texas so much, we’re going to travel inside of it and call it a road trip (because it totally is, Texas is large). Sidebar: We also really love FNL. Also, Hannah and I didn’t have much time to go on a cross-country tour before school starts…we’re saving that one for the wintertime.

We’re traveling up the panhandle and trickling back down to our hometown. We’re going to Balmorhea, we’re going to Amarillo, we’re going to Marfa (I know, I know) we’re going places, y’all. Please, if you have suggestions as to where to eat, grab a coffee or a brew, leave me a reply!

Clear eyes, full hearts…

I got suckered into it. Maybe it was exhaustion. Maybe it was because Tommy played the “brother” card. Or maybe it was the adrenaline/craziness I felt from drinking coffee at 9PM (never again if it’s not Finals Week).

So I’m blaming both Tommy and Hannah for this non-refundable decision I made Saturday morning. Thank you for ruining my life (I’m just kidding, I think).

I’m simultaneously excited, nervous, and scared.
Excited because I have never done anything like this, ever. Getting to do my first event with my brother (in Austin) is the cherry on top of the very tall sundae I just ordered for myself.
Nervous because although it is in February, I will constantly be thinking, “Do I have enough time?” or “Have I prepared enough?” What is enough?
Scared because again, this is my first event and I’ve never really been known to be athletic (until late). What if I barf? What if I have to pee? What if I don’t make it? What if this dumb runner’s knee doesn’t heal (but that will be my fault if I don’t stretch and blah blah blah…I never knew the many things that went into running…aside from running)?

All in all, here’s something I made and set as my phone background:


Hope to see you at the finish line. OR BETTER YET, running alongside me!

Well, I just signed myself up for two internships and a Spanish 3 course…summer has officially started?

It really has been a relaxing summer though. For the past 3 weeks, all I’ve done is eat, nap, read, and cruise around on my bike. I’ve gone back home, I’ve gone to a wedding, and I’ve celebrated the best friend holiday. Now I’m back in Austin gearing myself up (mentally and physically) for what I am imagining to be one of the hardest summers of my college career.

If anyone has advice on how to juggle two internships, please feel free and comment away. If you would like to give me mental support, it’s greatly appreciated. I think I’ll survive. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


This is my desktop as a reminder

Special note about one of my internships: I will be managing social media for a wonderful non-profit organization called Texas 4000 for Cancer. Basically: UT students ride 4,000+ miles from Austin to Alaska…on their bicycles, to raise money for cancer research. Cool, right? This year marks their 10th year, it’s pretty special.
Please check out the website, read some of the stories (they will make you weep), donate, share our story. Our riders leave June 1st and I am proud to call some of those riders my friends.

If you’re interested in supporting us, join the Atlas ride on June 1st. Ride with them, volunteer, or join us at the finish line to celebrate their first day of riding. Also, follow us on Twitter. All this shameless plugging… sorry not sorry.



Last-year-me would look at present-day-me and think that I’m crazy. Present-day-me looks at right-now-me thinking, “She’s definitely crazy.” What I’ve come to learn is that all people are a little crazy.

So last year, Tommy was practically my in-house bike fixer-upper. He would pump my tires, change my bike tubes, and help me fix things if I felt they were broken. I took advantage of this not knowing the physical work that went into owning a bike because Tommy did most of the work for me. But then he moved out and I was doing fine for a couple of months…until I blew my bike tube.

I felt like a stray dog in search for a home and guidance. I turned to people that knew about bikes but in the end, no one could help me, I needed to become self-sufficient. So last semester I learned how to change my own bike tube…and the only help I got was from my brother via Gchat video + multiple YouTube videos (Internet is wonderful). It only took me 2 hours (because I got frustrated) but hey, I DID IT.

That moment shook me because there were things that I realized:
1) Tommy isn’t here to [physically] help me anymore
2) YouTube is helpful, who knew?
3) I did it, I can do it, I can do anything

Since I’ve changed my own tube, I’ve cleaned and lubed my bike chain by myself, got a designated bike box [with all the makings of what one needs to take care of a bike], and I can pump my own tires! I know, I know, “huge” accomplishments, but really, these accomplishments lead me to seeing things differently. Seeing things differently about bikes, cyclists, and myself. It’s not always about the big wins, most of the time, it’s the small victories. You don’t know how awesome I felt when I replaced that tube and could ride again. It’s indescribable, it’s crazy.

As Kid President says, “We were made to be awesome.” I think being able to fix my bike makes me awesome and if I can do it, anyone can do it. What makes you feel awesome?


If you’ve spoken to me, you know how I feel about social media. Long story, short: I love it and hate it, simultaneously. I use it routinely and on weird occasions, social media like Twitter has blessed me with some pretty wonderful opportunities. Today is the day I share one of them.

Everyday, I do my daily read-through on the TwitterFeed. I follow a variety of users: my friends, ad agencies, Disney job listings, music artists, local restaurants, etc. One website I follow is Do512, they collect and compile events happening in Austin so locals and non-locals know what’s going on in our city each day. On one fine afternoon early March, I saw a tweet from Do512 calling for anyone who wanted to work during SXSW with a company called Warby Parker. To me, I thought the universe was trying to send me a sign because it seemed like the universe knew what I was thinking. I adore Warby Parker as a company and to work alongside people who work for them during SXSW (and get paid while doing so)- where do I sign?

I had such a wonderful and bizarre experience the couple of days I worked. From the people I met on the WP team to the other brand ambassadors to the bands who played at the event, who would’ve thought it was due to a Twitter posting? For some of the other brand ambassadors, it was just a temporary gig, but I saw it a bit differently. I came out with more knowledge about glasses than I’d ever thought, I discovered bands I have become obsessed with (*cough* HAIM *cough*), and I made a friend who is amazing and so inspiring. If anyone from Warby Parker is reading this, y’all are wonderful, I hope our paths cross again.

Twitter: A blessing wrapped in a nightmare.

This was my uniform for 3 days. We had hats you guys.

Sidebar: If you need awesome spectacles (or polarized sunglasses for a price of $95), get yourself over to And if you get some or are thinking about it, tell me which frames you got, I’d love to know!

Also: On my way to work, I passed by Franklin’s BBQ and I saw Anthony Bourdain filming for a “No Reservations” episode about Austin [which will aired on September 3 apart of his last season, *cry*]. I screamed in my car for a good 20 seconds and it was fantastic. Just saying, I wouldn’t have drove pass if I wasn’t working at SXSW…