cuvee coffee thu

Tell me about yourself.”

This is one of my least favorite questions/statements in an interview because I never know what to say. Also, I think it’s hard to answer because our lives are in a constant state of flux. I also think we all have a story, so here’s mine:

Born and raised in Texas. Yes, I drink sweet tea. Yes, HEB is the greatest grocery store on earth. And yes, I also went to a Texas school. I’m a proud TexasEx from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Advertising. Hook ’em!

Professionally, you can find me writing content and managing social media for my clients. Their industries can range from health care to automotive services. So, I can change a tire and educate you about superfoods (although, the latter is more of a hobby). I enjoy good music, tasty food and supporting our National Parks when I can. I’m a firm believer of the statement “knowledge is power” and that we are all made to be awesome. Regularly, you’ll find me struggling to get my Steps in…or you might find me eating, cooking or drinking whatever fits my meal (i.e. craft beer, wine and the occasional cocktail).

This ‘About Me’ changes so frequently I’ve thought about deleting it.

If you have a question, tweet me!

Work hard. Be kind and amazing things will happen. – Conan O’Brien (Dartmouth Commencement Address)

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