Home Work// A FAQ About My Work

desk thutexas vscocamThis is my desk. This is where I work. Yes, I work from home. (Yes, that’s Hootsuite and Fall Creek Falls TN State Park. Breaks are allowed.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the gold accent and graph paper pretty frequently. And if you read my last post about work, you know that I’m still in Houston…or so I thought. I’m writing this quick FAQ, because well…these questions have been asked frequently regarding me, my job and some miscellaneous things. Let’s do this:

  1. Are you still in Houston?
  2. I thought you were moving to Austin?
    That is correct.
  3. When?
    I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know. I’m not a person to just leave you in the wind…but apparently that’s what people assume about me. I plan on having a Golden ‘Going-Away’ Gala, don’t you worry. Me leaving Houston is something I would like to celebrate. *party emojis*
  4. So, you don’t have a guesstimate?
    Yes…and no. Even though I shouldn’t fall into superstition, I do. And I feel like if I say it out there, it might not come true. You feel me? 
  5. So you work from home?
    Yes. And I jam to Tay Tay Swift and Nelly Furtado, unapologetically.
  6. Do you work in PJs?
    Sometimes, but I try not to because it’s true what they say: you should dress up as if you’re going into the office. Otherwise, you set yourself up for a pretty unfocused day of working from home.
  7. *said awkwardly* So…what…do…you…do?
    A few different things. Drink beer and sit on my computer? Just kidding…sort of. In a grand scheme of things, I manage social media and assist in strategy. On a micro scale, there are a lot of little things: remembering User tags, Instagram stalking, researching influential users, actual posting, etc. The great thing is: I’m all about the details. 
  8. Fact: I work at Manes & Co. 
  9. Do you still barista?
    Currently, yes. Come by sometime. I’m still working on my latte art. Nonfat milk is not my friend.
    [Updated]: I will a barista for two more weeks from this Friday, September 11th. 
  10. When do you barista?
    When I’m scheduled. *shrug*
    [Updated]: …and for two more weeks. 
  11. Anything else?
    Nope, I think I covered everything.

If I’ve answered your burning questions, huzzah. If I haven’t, strike a conversation with me, I’m still here in HOU, hi.

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