Anxiety, Adjustments, and Austin (Again)

My daily drive home. It's actually terrible.

My daily drive home. It’s actually terrible.

Today marks the last day of January, and uhh…where did the month go? On my ’24 things I want to do before I turn 24′ list, I said I would write 2 blog posts per month and I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, very doable. I write content on a daily basis.” Sike. It’s the end of the month and I’ve written one blog post, and that one was a given considering I write a “birthday post” every year. As I frantically type to make my quota for the month, let me see if I can provide some purpose…

This month has been a whirlwind. There are days that I vividly remember due to the severity of the situation; and there are other days where I’m at a lost.

Work has been a major learning curve and adjustment for me, to say the least. When I say “due to severity,” I meant that in the sense that I have been having major anxiety issues at work. So much anxiety that it has poured into my personal life. I won’t go too much into it, but I’m learning, trying, and adjusting. First job problems, right? On a lighter note, the company I work for moved into a new, larger office space and I’m super stoked. Maybe the level of my anxiety will balance because we have more space and a patio, let’s feel optimistic (because I’ve seemed to have lost some of that too..)!

Going back to Austin (twice) was a blessing and a curse. It’s like putting salt on a wound. It’s like seeing an ex that you’re still not over. It’s like finally finding French Toast Crunch to learn that General Mills will be discontinuing it yet again (don’t worry, this has not happened..). I’m trying to convey the pain, frustration, and sadness I feel toward not being in Austin. …It’s pretty bad. To my friends and colleagues who still reside there, relish in it…and never leave if you don’t have to. Also, thank you for housing me when I visit, I owe you loads of tacos.

Why do Austin skies always look like Bob Ross painted them?

Why do Austin skies always look like Bob Ross painted them?

So basically that’s it. Work, Austin, and then work again. Everyone has their escape right? Mine happens to be my second home, best city in the world, Austin, TX. The feels are real, you guys.

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