Running Fraud

I’m a running fraud.

…because I haven’t run in a week…maybe two.
…because I need new running shoes.
…because I don’t feel hydrated and I might cramp.
…because I don’t have the time anymore.
…because I’m lazy.

Here I am…being honest and vulnerable. I’m also trying to shame myself into running, is that a bad habit? Running, exercise, and healthy living is a stupid mental game- and sometimes my mind lets the fears win, and any sort of “excuse” passes for a plausible excuse. BUT.

I have working legs, I have a body, I breathe in and out- I am capable. 

There are a lot of things I take into consideration when I go running, because I am prone to injury but I know when I’m bullshitting. And I’ve been doing it a lot lately. Mental games and focus- I know these are things I really push on my blog, but it’s because that’s really it. It’s not easy, but mental games are what puts up walls, makes excuses, and keeps me in the house. So I have to play mental games to break down those walls and push me out of the house.

No more self. Get out.

And run.

ProTip: Keep your running mind positive. A negative mind WILL slow you down/tire you out, physically.


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