Too Long; Thu Reads | Vol. 2

too long; thu reads

Some might call this “Vol. Thu.”

Enough with the jokes, let’s get down to this article business. I’m going a little out of order today, things came up.

Five Articles, Five Links, Five Summaries:

  • How Jenna Lyons Transformed J. Crew Into a Cult Brand (via Fast Company)
    Even as a native creative, she finds interest in the business side of things. Rare.
    Attention to detail = important to Jenna.
    Design reigns supreme.
  • Be Bossy (An interview with Founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso)
    Some might say that “she’s the realest.”
    Tells me that I’m not entitled to anything- true.
    Shitty jobs might save you, which is comforting in a weird way…
    Convinced me to read #GIRLBOSS. I never thought I would read any book with a hashtag, but here I am.
  • Ron Swanson Quotes
    There was a time when I read a lot of Thought Catalog.
    “Breakfast can serve many purposes.” and 42 more quotes for your perusing pleasure.
  • Life is like a Great Bicycle Race
    Start- we’re all together, camaraderie and enthusiasm. Then comes the real challenge, tiredness, and doubt. Is it worthwhile? Yes, of course.
  • How to Make Perfect Coffee
    There are a lot of rules, measurements, graphs, etc.
    I gathered: 30g dry coffee & 523g of water.
    Basics: Good beans, store properly, grind just before brew, use quality tools.

Thanks for reading, hope you learned something. See ya next time!

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