Over It: Instagram

Instagram is the worst. I can’t deal with a zillion hashtags. I also can’t deal with selfie-dominated accounts. Who comes up with those popular hashtags (e.g. #tbt, #wcw, #vscophile, etc.)? But more importantly, how do I coin one?


Instagram is the worst…and the best. In a battle of social media, it would be a toss up between Instagram and Twitter.
Ugh, I had the dumbest first Instagram, a picture of Pralinutta with the ‘1977’ filter. The concept of ‘Likes’ had not polluted my brain, and I was happy with 5 Likes. Oh, how the times have changed. Now if I don’t make the “Rule of 11,” the picture I take runs risk of getting deleted. It’s silly, right? I’m still trying to recover from the instant-gratification, filter-crazy, caption-obsessed life I once found myself entranced in. But I’m not so different from the selfie people, because I take selfies too.

Forgive me for being that girl, but I’m divulging a lot of personal secrets here. I know that I’m not the only one. I won’t name names, but I have had conversations with people just about Instagram. It’s no longer an app, it’s a concept. It turned into this THING that gives people a controlled identity. An idea of the person, anything but the real person. But I guess that’s understood with every social media platform.

My rant aside, I really do love Instagram. So I guess I’m not over it, and I probably won’t ever be over it. I like sharing the pictures from my adventures, “boring” or not. I try to keep it real, and I’m not trying to produce a fantastical image for myself. Other people will, but the more I think about it, I think it’s inevitable. There’s always (60% of the time) a question I ask myself before I Instagram: “Why?” Then I mentally smack myself on the head and refute, “Why not?”

You do you. Even if you hashtag every word, add 5 filters, and take selfies (no nudies, ok?) everyday.
But remember: Be aware, be present, and always check your grammar (please).

First Instagram

My first Instagram

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