Day 47: Missed Opportunities and Another Plane

Because I will be boarding a plane soon and won’t reach my next destination until the “next day,” I wanted to post this blog early. How responsible of me, right?

It’s really because I have the time sitting in this airport before I board, I thought I would be efficient. Being efficient is actually something I wanted to touch on for a hot second. Since my first plane ride, I’ve become more efficient. I’m not flustered when I go through TSA, and I’m also not as stressed. Maybe it’s because there weren’t that many people behind me, or maybe it’s because the girl in front of me took far longer, or maybe I’m just getting more efficient. Maybe it’s a combination of them all? Probably.

Today I basically sat in the hotel lobby and watched the World Cup. I became the “girl who watches the World Cup in the lobby” to the hotel staff. Travel has changed me (more on this post-travel). It was really fun, I only forgot to eat lunch #becausefutbol. I had time to go get lunch between the games, but I decided to use that time to be efficient and send e-mails.

world cup thutexas

I’m holding an imaginary drink.

My time in Seattle was kind of sleepless (ha!). I had to make that pun, unlike my hero-writer Anthony Bourdain; I will absolutely say dumb stuff like being sleepless in Seattle. Or does he say that? Have I read enough to know? Probably not.
Note to self: read more Anthony Bourdain/finish the books you have. Dinners with my aunt brought me some perspective. I learned more about her, my mom, and myself. It’s all about that perspective.

A sidebar about this aunt: She’s actually my godmom. You know, she held me as a baby as the priest washed holy water over me, promising to guide me in life and in faith. She did that this week. She’s very resilient, sassy, and clever- I’ve always admired these attributes about her. Seeing these attributes as an adult has made me appreciate and embrace her more. PERSPECTIVE. I’m sorry this has gotten lengthier than I thought I had originally planned (mostly apologizing to H.K. if she ever reads this).

Okay, I need to shake these introspective thoughts and mentally prepare myself for my flight. This includes watching a lot of YouTube.

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