Day 45: Twenty-Five Hours in PDX

I got on a train today at 7AM and went to Portland (via Amtrak Cascades). I’m still in Portland and will be back on a train in roughly 14 hours. This Portland trip was planned 36 hours ago. Spontaneity, eh? I guess that happens when #thugoeswest.

My long-time (is college friend long-time?) college friend, Jaime, is amazing. She’s hosting me right now as I didn’t have a place to stay until…36 hours ago. In the last 14 hours, we:

  • Went to Nuvrei for brunch (?). Coffee and pastries. Jaime and I shared two items (one of them being the infamous Ham & Cheese croissant).
  • Walked to Portland’s Saturday Market and perused. I bought candle gifts. ALSO, there’s something called Elephant Ears? We didn’t have Elephant Ears, but it smelled of cinnamon-y-sugary goodness.
  • Walked to Stumptown and had some Chemex coffee and Thai Iced coffee. Everyone is good looking, HOW.
  • Tried to find the Poler Camping Stuff store, but found out they moved and that it isn’t opened yet.
  • SHOPPED: @ Nordstrom Rack, Madewell, J. Crew, Kate Spade, GAP, Powell’s, etc. (mostly window-shopping, but y’all they have 0 sales tax)
  • Toured Wieden + Kennedy (aka Jaime’s work). I saw “the Nest” you guys.
  • Somewhere in between these things: we went to the block of food trucks. It’s seriously a block-perimeter of just food trucks. Amazing.
  • Had ice cream for dinner from Salt & Straw. I got the Summer Cucumber and Raspberry Sorbet (and there’s a seasonal flavor called Birthday Cake and Blackberry). I think this line was the longest line I’ve ever waited in…and I’ve been to Franklin and La Barbecue.

Here are the picture below for photographic proof. Tomorrow, we drink more coffee, celebrate friendship more, and then I’m back to Seattle. Woof. I’m tired. I have notes about Amtrak Cascades, but my eyes are drooping, I’m thoroughly content, and I’m also feeling truly #blessed that I got to spend a lot of time with my friend. #PTL for PDX. I kind of love it. *GASP* I have to go back tomorrow? Nooooooo! Time, what a slut.

FUN FACT: I heard that Blue Star is better than Voodoo. (The more you know).



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