Day 44: Reminders, Etc.

Reminders of home were found in Whole Foods @ South Lake Union today. I found Shiner Ruby Redbird and Chameleon Cold Brew. Again, home.

bike cops

Then, I found bicycle cops and a “Westlake Center.” I thought to myself, “We have bicycle cops and we also the Westlake area.” Everything reminded me of home today (there are construction cranes in Seattle, just like ATX!), even the stupid vanilla macaroons. They reminded me of Central Market, my mecca, my favorite place.

Sorry you guys, I actually took a lot of pictures, but I’m too lazy to upload. I know, what a blog faux pas (okay, I tried a little), follow my Instagram for other real-time pics(@thutexas).

P.S. DID YOU KNOW THAT IT RAINS IN SEATTLE? I’m not a noob you guys, I know this place is Rain City. My Marmot rain jacket saved me today.

Pike Sketching Class

Pike Sketching Class. I laughed to myself when I took this picture, as if I won a battle or something..

P.P.S. Did you know everyone goes to Pike on a Saturday afternoon? I was so claustrophobic, I had to get out ASAP- and I headed back to StoryVille Coffee to hide from the masses. On that note, I found a mass of sketch artists. It was a class of people, I took a picture of them, naturally. Serves you right for trying to sketch me while I’m in my natural habitat. And speaking of natural habitat, today the barista thought I worked at the Pike Place Market. Does that deserve a small, celebratory dance party? I didn’t look touristy, huzzah!

P.P.P.S. (Last one, I swear!): Wandering around waiting for church to start, I found a bicycle path. I think I have a sixth sense about all things bicycles.

Random Seattle Bike Path

Random Seattle Bike Path

Tomorrow, I travel some more. Where? STAY TUNED &  FIND OUT TOMORROW.

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