Day 43: Hotel Home

Today I felt the first pelts of rain that Seattle is known for…meh. I didn’t get to use my rain jacket as much as I thought I would…but I’ve still got a few more days here so *knock on wood* that I don’t get torrentially down-poured on. It was all cloudy (as seen on my thumbnail)…and then as I railed back, I saw blue skies like this:

seattle blue skies

Because I’ve been touring around, today was kind of a rest day for me. With that said, it was still a 30-minute commute to get lunch. I really wanted to eat some Banh Mi Thit Nuong, so after my search, I decided that I would go to Tammy’s Bakery (off the Othello stop via the SoundTransit…or whatever it’s called). It’s delicious and that place is like a Vietnamese food mecca. Perhaps it was because I’ve been craving Vietnamese food, whatever it was, I wanted to impulsively buy everything.

othello seattle

When I reached this place, as per my Instagram, I felt like I found my people. There was fresh baked Vietnamese-French bread, Cafe Sua Da, Che, and other baked assortments that made my mouth water. After containing myself and buying what I came for, I commuted another 30 minutes, back to the hotel, my temporary home. I admire my aunt, she’s been here on and off for a month-ish. Even if it’s temporary, how do you heal from homesickness? Traveling, transit- it’s makes me restless. There are so many things out of my control, so many things I have to adapt to. I get “comfort-freaks” now. I understand how they reserve  and stay where they feel most comfortable.

These themes, motifs: transit, introspection, control (or lack of), and comfort- they keep coming up in my trip. Sorry if it’s repetitive, but it’s going to happen a whole lot more, I have a lot of time. Tomorrow is another day for these motifs to challenge me, change me, shift my perspective. My only hope is that when I go home, I take these lessons with me…and grow.

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