Day 41: Getting Over It In Seattle



Today’s lesson in Thu’s travels: Get over yourself.
Get over it and yourself, because people don’t really care. I will take as many pictures of iconic places as I want. I will eat whatever I want. Hey, I might only get one shot at this adventure, and I’m going to follow my gut. SURE, I might get on a train without paying fare. SURE, I might have circled Pike several times and had to Google how to get home down to crossing the street. IT HAPPENS, get over it. It’s a slow process…but I’m getting over it.

Other notes about Pike Place/today’s adventure:

  1. Transportation. Don’t forget to tap your Orca card. Fare Enforcement will take a picture of your ID if you don’t.
  2. Pike Place is as overwhelming as the 1st time you enter Whole Foods on 6th St. in Austin.
  3. If you think something looks good to you, you should just go ahead and eat it.
  4. Pike Place is like NOLA’s French Market…but less alcohol.
  5. RR’s and Sitting. There are restrooms and sitting areas in Pike Place, you just have to find them.
  6. Hydrate. Maybe bring water? Or fuel on coffee, up to you. Don’t get dehydrated.
  7. There is a City Target by Pike Place, don’t freak out if you forgot your toothpaste.
  8. There are homeless people. (I wrote this in my notes, whatever.)
  9. Wear SPF because did you know that there is sun in Seattle?
  10. Bring cash, because there are some CASH only places.
  11. Own your tourist-ism, but don’t get crazy and obnoxious. No one likes that.
  12. Maybe bring your own charger or battery backup. I was that tourist that charged their phone at a random outlet. Whatever, I’m owning my tourist-ism and technology dependency.

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