Day 40: Twelve Hours In Transit

thutexas amtrak

Jeep > Train > Bus > Virgin America Plane > Shuttle, twelve hours later- I’m in my new destination.

I took the Amtrak Surfliner to Los Angeles where I concluded that I hate LA. Sure, I was only here for a couple of hours. Sure, it was probably Murphy’s Law that took over. Sure, traffic is just understood in LA but you know what? I was done before it even began. That’s my bit about Los Angeles.

View from my seat

View from my seat

Let’s talk a little bit about my Amtrak ride:

  • Remember to sit on the side of the train where you’ll end up seeing the ocean (on the Surfliner, it’s the left). Also, sit in the front train cars, they’re cooler.
  • Maybe don’t wear a dress if you’re going to wear a backpacking pack as a carry-on. You might moon someone (speaking from experience, whoops).
  • BYOL. Bring Your Own Lunch. You’ll avoid fast food and bellyache later.
  • Thank baby Jesus that Amtrak provides outlets for your phone because you took too many pictures/videos/selfies.
  • Enjoy the view, it goes by pretty quickly.
  • LAX Union Station– do you have any restrooms because I found zero.
  • PRO Tip: LA Fly Away is what you look for if you’re going to the airport directly from LAX Union Station!!
thutexas LA union

LAX Union Station

Here are some of my notes about the airport:

  • People do weird shit.
  • Listen while you go through security so you don’t irritate someone (TSA officers) by accident.
  • Wear pants to Seattle…and in general, check the weather.
  • Changing in airports is norm. I did it.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
LAX layover, waiting.

LAX layover, waiting.

I was in transit for 12 hours, woof. At least I’m young, I can sleep when I’m dead. Now, onto my next adventure- dominating public transportation. YIKES. Are you following me on Twitter (@thutexas)? #thugoeswest

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